November 24, 2021

Matrix ONE: a catalyst for science-based business

Designed to immerse businesses in a constant exchange of knowledge and innovation, Matrix ONE makes the latest scientific research accessible and ready to market. The latest in a series of multi-tenant, multi-function office and lab buildings at the Science Park, Matrix ONE is expected to open in September 2022.

Ivo Sweep, the managing director of the Matrix Innovation Centers at Amsterdam Science Park explains that its offer to the business community is one of a kind. “We are a innovation facilitator. So we are creating all the circumstances for our tenants to carry out their business activities and have as much interaction as possible. They become members of the community so that they can do their work, that they have the right specialized equipment, can choose from special services, the right laboratory space, even if that means we need to deliver to very exact specifications.”

Ivo Sweep, Managing director Matrix Innovation Center “We are creating all the circumstances for our tenants to carry out their business activities and have as much interaction as possible ”

Bringing research and entrepreneurs together

Encouraging interaction at every opportunity is a key element of Matrix ONE, and why the new building is so valuable to science-based organisations. Helping researchers and businesses come together is the greatest goal here. By putting businesses in such close proximity to those developing new technologies, products and services emerge with real commercial value, as well as the ability to transform society.

Matrix ONE’s entire focus will be on sustainability. It’s one of Amsterdam Science Park’s focus areas, and researchers across the park are putting their expertise towards AI and sustainability,  the energy transition, solar energy, reusable plastics, circular chemistry, natural building materials, sustainable agriculture and biodiversity, to name a few.  Matrix ONE will capitalise on this knowledge through its most talked-about tenant, the SustainaLab.

From left to right: Geert Haksteen (Stone22), Bernhard van Houwelingen (Projectleader) and Ivo Sweep (Matrix Innovation Center)

A new home for sustainable innovation

Sustainalab, a joint project of the University of Amsterdam, Matrix and the Science and Business organisation is a scientific co-creation hub for research, entrepreneurship and education in the field of sustainability. Companies working in the field will find the specialised knowledge they need right on site. There will be ample opportunity for companies to pose research questions to experts, attend exhibitions, presentations and workshops showcasing new developments and to team up on collaborative projects. By leasing a lab or office in Matrix ONE, businesses can take full advantage of the knowledge-intensive surroundings the inspiring buzz that comes from a community of forward-thinking innovators. Matrix ONE is also a leading example of sustainable construction.

But just how do businesses access the innovations? It’s easy at Matrix ONE, as collaboration is built in. Companies can network with other firms working towards similar goals, as tenants are selected based on their suitability. There’s also a notable willingness between tenants to collaborate. Open Kitchen Labs is one such example of a soon-to-be Matrix ONE tenant. This organisation leases high-tech lab space on a subscription basis, which levels the playing field for R&D-intensive startups that need an affordable way to experiment.

Connect with the brightest minds

Events at SustainaLab will give a fascinating insight into the rapidly advancing progress of some of the Netherlands’ top scientists. Many of these will also be open to the general public. The Matrix ONE building also has plenty of meeting spaces for hosting collaborative knowledge sessions, flex workspaces are available and its ‘social stairs’ present informal opportunities to start conversations that could lead to business breakthroughs. This sweeping, rambling staircase at the front of the building encourages social interaction.

Matrix ONE is “for tenants, but also accessible to students, and for people from outside Amsterdam Science Park who are involved in sustainability and who are a valuable addition to the community we are building here,” says Sweep. The large-scale restaurant on the ground floor will be open to visitors for the entire park. “It will be a big restaurant that will have a terrace at the front and, for the winter, a terrace in the atrium. In this atrium area we will also have little corners to have meetups, to have informal meetings, and a co-working area” says Sweep. The restaurant will host inspiring events like product launches and company presentations, with a specialised catering company on hand.

Limited spaces available

Unsurprisingly, demand is high for Matrix ONE’s offices and purpose-built labs. A select number of spaces are still available to organisations that are working towards a sustainable future. Contact Matrix or Amsterdam Science Park’s Science and Business organisation for details.

Website SustainaLab

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