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Build and grow your business at Amsterdam Science Park. We have various opportunities: startup and co-working spaces, an extensive range of properties with offices and labs, multi-tenant buildings, co-creation facilities and potential for entirely new developments.

We can offer you the flexibility to decide on a set-up that’s right for you. Options range from a small foothold to tailor-made high-end labs, from office rentals to newbuilds. You could also consider setting up a private or shared R&D lab in partnership with our brilliant scientists.

Options for joining the Amsterdam Science Park’s ecosystem

If you want to be part of Amsterdam Science Park’s science- and business-minded community, there are various options open to you.

  • Explore multi-tenant buildings: Amsterdam Science Park’s multi-tenant buildings feature variable office space and flexible labs. They are equipped for innovation and designed to encourage collaboration.
  • Find a space for your new business at the Startup Village: This incubator project and community working space offers a dynamic environment that will help your business grow.
  • Discover real-estate opportunities: Investing in Amsterdam Science Park means that you will be part of the transformative and game-changing technologies that will affect our future society and economy enormously.


There are plenty of options for settling in. We are happy to help you make the right choice.

Leo Le Duc
Director Science & Business Organisation Amsterdam Science Park
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Ideal setting for co-creation

Whether you’re looking for office space, lab facilities or custom-built business premises, you’ll find it at Amsterdam Science Park. You will benefit from our community’s many advantages: a constant flow of fresh talent, the presence of leading researchers and copious options for collaboration. Establish your company in an ideal environment for innovation, R&D and valorisation.

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