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Amsterdam Science Park’s startups are driving innovations across a variety of sectors. You don’t have to be based at the Science Park to benefit from the exceptional new technologies developed here. Discover how working with this thriving startup network can help your business grow.

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More than 60 science and deep-tech startups and spin-offs call Amsterdam Science Park their home. Our concentration of expert scientists and academics is unparalleled. The dynamic environment is a wellspring of creativity. This is where transformative tech turns into commercial success. Startups become scale-ups. Young talents become established entrepreneurs. Working with this startup ecosystem provides instant access to new technology. It enables your company to innovate and develop. It gives you an edge over your competitors.

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Startups at Amsterdam Science Park

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You do not have to be based at Amsterdam Science Park to tap into its talent. We can help match you with startups that are developing technology that could most benefit your company. By working with these startups, your organisation can quickly incorporate emerging tech. This privileged position could spark a major breakthrough for your business.

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Join the thriving ecosystem of our tech companies and startups

Amsterdam is an international hub for tech companies and startups. The city was ranked fourth globally and second in Europe in Savills Tech Cities Index 2019. The Science Park is a driving force of this success. Its startups are working on major scientific advances across a number of cutting-edge industries.

Many startups are powered by accelerators and incubators based in the park. Mentorship from organisations such as ACE, CERN (Nikhef) and CWI results in high-quality, high-potential startups.

Success stories include Scyfer, AIIR Innovations, SIG, Skytree, SRXP and Metrica Sports. Dozens of other promising startups are developing in our Startup Village, multi-tenant buildings and institutes. The active startup community fosters an atmosphere of innovation that positively impacts every company that joins the collaboration. The creative energy is part of why our Startup Village is in such high demand. In fact, it has doubled in size to accommodate the growing number of AI-focussed initiatives. Want to be at the forefront of scientific discovery? Then team up with startups at the heart of progress.

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