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Welcome to Amsterdam Science Park, where your future in science, innovation, and technology begins. Explore a world full of exciting career opportunities through our list below, featuring internships and job vacancies from organizations all located at Amsterdam Science Park. Each link on this page connects you directly to the vacancy page of the respective organization, ensuring you have instant access to the latest openings. If you have any questions, please contact the organization directly.

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Employees of the University of Amsterdam’s Faculty of Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science (FNWI) are driven by a shared passion to unravel the mysteries of the world. Our eight research institutes cover the entire spectrum of the natural sciences: from astronomy and physics to life and earth sciences, molecular sciences, mathematics, and information sciences. Whether we are unraveling the origins and building blocks of life or laying the foundation for future technologies, we unite in boundless curiosity. With approximately 1,800 employees, we dedicate ourselves daily to imparting our knowledge and curiosity to over 8,000 students in the bachelor’s and master’s programs offered at our Amsterdam Science Park campus. In this way, we educate the next generation of scientists and inspire them at the beginning of their own journey of discovery.

Vacancies and internships at UvA’s Faculty of Science

Our partner organizations, spanning diverse fields like biotechnology and artificial intelligence, offer stimulating roles that match your ambitions

AMOLF performs leading research on the fundamental physics and design principles of natural and man-made complex matter. The research of AMOLF provides fundamental insights on topics such as the nanoscale interaction of light and matter, the programmable properties of mechanical metamaterials, and the molecular mechanisms underlying cellular function. AMOLF leverages these insights to create novel functional materials, and to find solutions to societal challenges in renewable energy, green ICT, and health care. AMOLF, Physics of functional complex matter, is an Institute that is part of NWO-I.

Vacancies and internships at AMOLF

ARCNL is a public-private partnership between NWO (previously FOM), University of Amsterdam, VU Amsterdam and the company ASML. ARCNL is a new type of organisation unit within NWO that combines the best of both worlds: the scientific strength of NWO and its university partners with the application-oriented, demand-side management of a private party. The Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography (ARCNL) is a research centre that is part of NWO-I.

Vacancies and internships at AMOLF

Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) is the national research institute for mathematics and computer science. By creating synergy between mathematics and computer science, CWI works on fundamental and long-term innovation. That innovation takes place in various areas including energy, healthcare, climate, communication, mobility and security. CWI is also a breeding ground for top researchers and young talent, and with this the transfer of new ideas and expertise take centre stage. The Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) is an institute that is part of NWO-I.

Vacancies and internships at CWI

Nikhef investigates the elementary building blocks of matter and the universe, the forces between these, and the structure of space and time. The National Institute for Subatomic Physics Nikhef is part of NWO-I, the Institutes Organisation of NWO.

Vacancies and internships at Nikhef

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The Netherlands eScience Center is the national centre with the digital skills to create innovative software solutions in academic research. The eScience Center is an independent foundation with 100+ passionate people working together in the Netherlands’ national centre for academic research software.

Vacancies and internships at eScience Center

SURF is a cooperative association of Dutch educational and research institutions in which the members combine their strengths. Within SURF, people work together to acquire or develop the best possible digital services, and to encourage knowledge sharing through continuous innovation.

Vacancies and Internships at SURF

Matrix Innovation Center houses knowledge-driven and innovative businesses – from startups and scale-ups to spin-ins and established companies. These companies also regularly have vacancies and internships. Check out their websites.

Vacancies and internships companies 

Science & Business Amsterdam Science Park stimulates collaboration, connecting world-renowned scientists with companies and sparking conversations between the right people.

Vacancies and internships

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