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Life sciences & (e)Health at Amsterdam Science Park

Tap into a powerful knowledge network that’s making great strides in life sciences, data science, green life sciences, bioinformatics and biotechnology. Our scientists and researchers are at the forefront of life-saving innovations, and they regularly work with businesses to implement further advances.

Innovations in technology

Amsterdam Science Park’s unbeatable combination of talent, research and commerce creates revolutionary changes in Life Sciences & Health. The combined expertise of award-winning researchers and state-of-the-art lab facilities means that businesses operating in life sciences can tap into a powerful knowledge network.

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Amsterdam’s home of life sciences

Amsterdam is a global leader in cancer research and AI. There’s also an extensive base of clinical research offering opportunities for cutting-edge collaborations. The city is home to two academic hospitals, united under the umbrella of Amsterdam UMC, as well as the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), Sanquin and the Academic Centre for Dentistry (ACTA). The momentum keeps growing: several industry players have relocated to Amsterdam since the European Medicines Agency arrived in 2019. Amsterdam’s spirit of innovation is in our DNA, and this is just the beginning.

Amsterdam Science Park’s inspiring environment places businesses in contact with researchers from some of the Netherlands’ most prestigious research universities. Their research programmes lead to pioneering discoveries across various aspects of life sciences. In the past few years there have been major advances in AI and computational modelling for health, data science for life sciences, bioinformatics, neuroscience, biotechnology and cell and systems biology.

Life sciences

Areas of expertise

The research at Amsterdam Science Park may lead to technology that allows people to live longer, healthier and better lives. This global centre of innovation provides scope for unprecedented commercial developments. That’s why so many world-renowned corporations and forward-thinking startups have already set up here. Pharmaceuticals and gene therapy companies such as CureVac, VectorY and Hartwig Medical Foundation form part of our unparalleled knowledge network. Our community prides itself on leading the world in health science innovations, and we have the scientists and infrastructure to back it up.

  • Biotechnology

With applications ranging from agriculture to healthcare, industrial manufacturing to reducing carbon emissions, efficient waste disposal to forensic science, biotechnology is omnipresent in modern life. Amsterdam Science Park is home to leading research institutes and companies in biotech life sciences. Students, scientists and academics form a knowledge network that offers benefits to businesses and entrepreneurs who want to harness the latest innovations in biotechnology. Find out more

  • Green life sciences

Advances in green life sciences offer the opportunity to tackle some of the world’s most pressing problems, including food security and climate change. Top academic researchers and innovative entrepreneurs at Amsterdam Science Park are expanding the frontiers of green life science – and putting it to work. Resilient crops, reduced emissions, more sustainable agriculture and horticulture are all on the horizon. And green life science innovations in genome sequencing enable better understanding of drug resistance and zoonotic diseases. Find out more

Our most recent achievements focus on:

  • Analysing data using AI and computational methods
  • New technologies in genetics (genomics and gene editing)
  • New research methods using artificial tissues and organoids via bioprinting
  • Sustainable agriculture and food chains
  • Molecular photonics (the interaction of light and matter)

We set the standard with cutting-edge lab facilities including:

  • Analytical chemistry
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biotechnology
  • Microscopy and mass spectrometry
  • Genome technology (Dutch Genomics Service & Support Provider)
  • Real-time 3D images with a FleX-Ray scanner lab

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