Flex ray scanner
June 27, 2022

FleX-ray Lab celebrates the fifth anniversary of the wedding between X-rays and smart rapid calculations

Checking food quality, or investigating a masterpiece with exactly the right quantity of X-rays to prevent damage. For the past five years, that has been possible at NWO Institute CWI at Amsterdam Science Park. In the institute’s FleX-ray Lab, mathematics, computer science and X-ray tomography come together in the unique, custom-made micro-CT scanner, which is linked to a powerful computer cluster. During an anniversary symposium on 19 May, CWI celebrated the impressive performance and possibilities of the unique X-ray scanner together with physicists, archaeologists, curators, industrial partners and also the neighbouring NWO Institute Nikhef. Today, the instrument can even construct real-time 3D images, as a result of which experts can continually choose the right settings. Thanks to ever more powerful computers, better algorithms and machine learning, many possible applications are now within reach.

In 2017, CWI and partners founded the FleX-ray Lab – a custom-made, fully-automated X-ray CT scanner linked to large-scale computing hardware. At the FleX-ray Lab mathematics and computer science meet, combining novel algorithms and a state-of-the-art X-ray scanner. The Computational Imaging group uses this unique facility to develop advanced computational techniques for 3D imaging in collaboration with partners from health care, science, industry and cultural heritage.

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