From the latest developments in AI to exploring cryptology and renewable energy. Researchers at Amsterdam Science Park are at the forefront of the biggest breakthroughs in scientific research.

Amsterdam Science Park  has the Netherlands’ highest concentration of publicly funded research. Our award-winning researchers and academics are making pioneering discoveries. The advancements  of key technologies can significantly progress your industry or business.

Already, countless public-private R&D programmes take place across numerous disciplines. The resulting discoveries will help improve manufacturing processes, secure data exchange, fight diseases and modernize IT infrastructures, and prevent climate change.

Veronique de Bruijn, CEO Photanol “We benefit very much of all the knowledge exchange and the collaboration with the university ”

How research benefits your business

Joining us enables your company to leverage this collaborative knowledge exchange in Amsterdam. Connect with researchers at events or attend co-creation sessions for exploring solutions together. Or participate directly in research calls, fund PhD research and have access to licensing opportunities. Our network currently provides international research support to companies including ASML, Qualcomm, Michelin, Philips, AkzoNobel, Shell, Nikon, IBM and Microsoft.

Leading research institutes

Amsterdam Science Park is home to eight research institutes of the University of Amsterdam. This means there is onsite expertise in astronomy, computer science, biology, logic, language and computation, physics, mathematics, life sciences and chemistry. Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) is the joint knowledge transfer office of the Amsterdam universities and medical centers, that supports researchers in creating value from their knowledge and expertise.

In addition, the park houses the following leading research institutes:

  • AMOLF: Research institute for physics of functional complex matter
  • CWI: National institute for mathematics and computer science
  • Nikhef: National institute for subatomic physics
  • SURFsara: Hosts the Dutch Supercomputer and offers high-performing computing services to scientific and educational institutes
  • eScienceCenter: Netherlands e-Science Center for the development and application of academic research software
  • ARCNL: Advanced research center for nanolithography
  • ICAI: National Innovation center for Artificial Intelligence, focused on developing joint technology between academia, industry and government

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