Focus areas Amsterdam Science Park

Focus areas of Amsterdam Science Park

Amsterdam Science Park’s focus on AI & Digital Innovation, Sustainability, Life sciences & (e) Health, and High-tech systems and materials puts us at the forefront. Join in our discoveries.

Focused on high-potential progress

Explore how your company can benefit from the abundance of specialised knowledge at Amsterdam Science Park. Our community of students, researchers and entrepreneurs delves into a wide scope of disciplines. Our focus areas encompass the cutting-edge fields of AI & Digital Innovation, sustainability, life sciences, and high-tech systems and materials. Each focus area has its own dedicated ecosystem of research, business, talent and infrastructure. But, the real strength of Amsterdam Science Park lies in facilitating promising crossovers in all fields. Direct access to the experts in these fields can help your company solve R&D problems or foster long-term collaborations that transform your business.

AI & Digital Innovation

Amsterdam Science Park is leading the way in AI & Digital Innovation with revolutionary advances in artificial intelligence, big data and quantum software.

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We are preparing for a sustainable future with a cross-section of research and industry. Join our ecosystem in Amsterdam to help achieve circular solutions.

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When young talent, scientists, researchers and businesses with vision work together to push technology forward, the potential is limitless. Join the search for solutions.

Researcher uses lab materials in the theme life sciences of Amsterdam Science Park

Life sciences & Health

At Amsterdam Science Park, award-winning clinical research meets biotech and data science for breakthroughs in life sciences.

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High tech systems & materials

Amsterdam Science Park is a major player in the field of high-tech systems and materials. Find out how our recent innovations can impact your business.

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Researcher shows new material for the theme High Tech Systems and materials at Amsterdam Science Park

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