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Amsterdam Science Park offers endless opportunities for your entrepreneurship or research project. Our Science & Business team can help you to find a good match and can connect you with researchers, students and entrepreneurs at the park. We can introduce you to the talent of Amsterdam Science Park and make you become part of some of the world’s most groundbreaking science.

Focus areas

We focus on four themes. All of them are at the forefront of research and business innovation and hold great potential for future developments. They are:

At Amsterdam Science Park, each of these key research areas has its own dedicated ecosystem of research, business, talent and infrastructure. There are several outstanding research facilities. In addition, the university faculties and research institutes have excellent technical infrastructure in the fields of electronics, mechanics and ICT, as well as advanced equipment such as mass spectrometry, microscopy and microarray technology. These facilities are often available to third parties.

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Watch our Boundless Minds videos in which adventurous entrepreneurs, motivated students and cutting-edge scientists tell inspiring stories about their work and environment, in which collaboration is key.

Amsterdam Science Park spotlight: Gert-Jan Gruter

Could plastic be our next clean energy source? Exciting breakthroughs are on the horizon at Amsterdam Science Park, where researchers are transforming air into plastic in an eco-friendly cycle, redefining chemistry’s future

Join the conversation with Gert-Jan Gruter from Avantium on how innovative chemistry can contribute to a sustainable world.>>

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Are you looking for a new location for your company? Or do you have an issue for which you are curious about the possibilities of collaborating with young talent or top scientists? Check out the different options the Science Business organisation offers to get to know the park and make an appointment quickly without any obligation.