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Amsterdam Science Park offers endless opportunities for your entrepreneurship or research project. Our Science & Business team can help you to find a good match and can connect you with researchers, students and entrepreneurs at the park. We can introduce you to the talent of Amsterdam Science Park and make you become part of some of the world’s most groundbreaking science.

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Matrix ONE: accelerating AI and sustainability solutions

Matrix ONE, home to SustainaLab, opened its doors at Amsterdam Science Park recently. A multi-tenant, multi-function space for researchers and businesses with a focus on sustainability and AI technology.

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Focus areas

At Amsterdam science park we focus on four themes. Each key research area at Amsterdam Science Park has its own dedicated ecosystem of research, entrepreneurship, talent and infrastructure.

It’s all about people

Watch our Boundless Minds videos in which adventurous entrepreneurs, motivated students and cutting-edge scientists tell inspiring stories about their work and environment, in which collaboration is key.