Sustainability at Amsterdam Science Park

Sustainable solutions are a top priority across all industries in the Netherlands and around the world. Thanks to its specialised researchers, Amsterdam Science Park is the starting point for pioneering research that directly impacts human life and the environment.

Research for the future of our planet

The industrial transformation needed to address climate change and resource scarcity is multi-faceted. The researchers, business leaders and entrepreneurs at Amsterdam Science Park are putting their heads together to approach it from every angle. Award-winning chemists, physicists, ecologists and biologists at our universities and research institutions are searching for new ways forward in sustainability. They team up with innovative companies that take the latest discoveries to market.

This synergy between academia and business happens across fields, including solar energy, biofuels, sustainable building materials, crop resistance and biotechnology. For every environmental challenge, we’ve got experts who can not just explore it, but implement practical solutions that revolutionise the way we live and do business.

With environmental issues requiring our urgent attention, the conversation is no longer just about sustainable businesses. All businesses must rethink their approaches to remain competitive. Knowledge-sharing and collaboration across various disciplines are at the heart of what we do at Amsterdam Science Park. A mix of home-grown Dutch innovations and big-name international corporations are based here, including Akzo Nobel, BASF, Cargill, Michelin, Pepsico, Shell and Waternet. They’re supported by an academic talent pool that has the knowledge and curiosity to propel us towards greener solutions for every industry.

Prof. dr. Gadi Rothenberg, University of Amsterdam “We try to develop new materials for sustainable energy ”

Areas of specialisation

Our scientists and PhD researchers are developing new technologies and finding science-based and sustainable solutions in areas such as:

Solar energy

Amsterdam Science Park is quickly moving towards discoveries in photonics and solar energy that are key to renewable energy solutions. Interdisciplinary teams at several institutions – AMOLF, the University of Amsterdam and ECN – are reinventing solar cells and deriving sustainable energy from sunlight, CO2 and water.

Materials for sustainability

Science and technological innovation are leading to fascinating alternatives to traditional materials used in construction and the production of consumer goods. Recycled plastics, reclaimed wood and plant-based polyurethane foam are just a few of the materials we’ll see much more of in coming years.

Sustainable chemistry

The University of Amsterdam is a pioneer in the work in the field of sustainable chemistry, and works closely with the business community. In finding inventive ways for substances to be reused, this type of chemical engineering goes a long way towards improving the efficiency of resources, while decarbonisation results in a healthier planet.
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SustainaLab brings together innovating businesses, scientists and young talent focused at different areas of sustainability. This new building which will open in 2022 stimulates cooperation. Creating a melting pot of innovation. You can be part of this.

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