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High tech systems & materials at Amsterdam Science Park

With its numerous research institutes specialising in advanced technology, the Amsterdam Science Park is a major player in the field of high-tech systems and materials.

Advanced technology at Amsterdam Science Park

What sparks discovery? The most disruptive advances in modern technology – the internet, smartphones, artificial intelligence – may seem like giant leaps forward. But in fact, they are the culmination of countless tiny steps. The most powerful aha moments happen back in the labs of our brilliant scientists long before a shiny new gadget hits the shelves. The battery in the car you drive, the nanoelectronics that surge data through your phone, the life-saving equipment used in healthcare: these may all be the product of advances in high tech systems and materials. Amsterdam Science Park is leading the way in sensor technology, nanolithography, photonics, and metamaterials. Research topics that lay the foundation for a tech-smarter future.

Flex ray scanner

High-tech research meets AI

Home to NWO-funded research institutes including Nikhef, AMOLF and ARCNL, as well as the University of Amsterdam’s Faculty of Science, Amsterdam Science Park brings together the region’s leading HTSM researchers. Right next door, you’ll find knowledge institutes such as the CWI, the UvA’s Informatics Institute, the Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI) and the eScience Center. This collaborative environment encourages scientists from different disciplines to team up on innovative projects.

Prof. Jo van den Brand, Researcher at Nikhef “There are numerous opportunities for scientific innovations in business ”

High-tech materials

Always pushing the boundaries, scientists at Amsterdam Science Park are inventing entirely new materials. AMOLF, for instance, runs the Designer Matter research programme, which develops materials with novel functionalities – characteristics that don’t yet exist. Researchers at the UvA’s Institute of Physics are experts in the nature of liquid materials such as water, oils and synthetic rubbers. When the most cutting-edge instruments are not sufficient to take science to the next level, the research institutes simply manufacture their own equipment. Nikon and the UvA teamed on a super-resolution microscope and CWI’s FleX-ray Lab created a real-time 3D scanner. The researchers at Amsterdam Science Park don’t let the limits of today’s technology hinder their progress. They invent the technology of the future.

Our advanced research infrastructure has led to successful spin-offs, including:

From solar to x-ray

The most exciting and successful commercial applications start with scientific curiosity. That leads to innovations in solar technology, CO2 conversions, X-ray and imaging. And key technologies in nanolithography additive manufacturing technologies and telecommunications. This has led to joint R&D projects businesses including Philips, ASML, Nikon, Unilever, Shell, Tata Steel, Fokker, Michelin and Medipix.

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