The thinkers and innovators behind the next big scientific breakthroughs are right here at Amsterdam Science Park. Delve into our exceptional talent pool.

Suzanne Hansen, Quartermaker Startup Village “There’s an incredibly interesting pool of talent for all kind of internationally focused businesses here. ”

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As the driving force behind the most exciting scientific innovations, young talent is among a company’s most valuable assets. Amsterdam Science Park is the nursery of future talent that will transform science into technology ready for innovation.

The University of Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most prominent research universities. It offers more than 18 worldwide leading science-based Master programmes. As home to the Faculty of Science and Amsterdam University College, the park gives your company access to the forefront of science and R&D perspectives. Student enrolment in science-based programmes at these prestigious institutes is increasing by 15% each year. This gives Amsterdam Science Park a growing pool of highly skilled talent.


Teaming up with Amsterdam Science Park comes with endless opportunities for collaboration with these talented young innovators. Attend networking events, sync up with startups and seek out opportunities for breakthrough research and development.

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