AI & Digital Innovation at Amsterdam Science Park

Soon big data will prolong life, artificial intelligence (AI) will have ubiquitous applications and quantum software will confound the known computing landscape. These bold innovations are being worked on by the scientists and forward-thinking organisations at Amsterdam Science Park.

Make an impact on the future by being part of the research and developments taking place at Amsterdam Science Park

Technology is defining the future

When it comes to digital connectivity, Amsterdam Science Park is one of the world’s best locations. As the birthplace of the European internet, our 600 network hubs can facilitate reach to 80% of Europe within 50 milliseconds. Snellius is here too – the national supercomputer, operated by SURF, the collaborative organisation for ICT in Dutch education and research.

The Amsterdam Area is world renowned for AI and data science developments, and much of this innovation comes from the scientific institutes at our park – and their willingness to collaborate. As one example, the national Innovation Center for AI (ICAI) was launched here. This national initiative brings academia, industry and government together to develop AI technologies. Its projects often connect with our other fields of focus – such as life sciences, sustainability and high-tech materials. Our Startup Village also has a new extension dedicated to AI and data science, with an emphasis on blockchain technology.

Businesses, scientists and innovators from all over the world come here to break new ground in digital technologies. Successful startup Scyfer was taken over by the multinational Qualcomm, and the ABN AMRO bank has set up its digital division at Amsterdam Science Park. Other major players include Bosch, Ahold Delhaize, Tata Steel, Elsevier and the National Police.

Areas of specialisation

Innovation in AI and data science encompasses a huge variety of interconnected themes. Our scientists, startups and companies are making headlines in these areas:

  • Artificial intelligence

Our researchers are establishing the Netherlands as one of the top-ranked countries for AI innovation. The Center of Mathematics & Informatics (CWI), SURF, Netherlands eScience Center and the University of Amsterdam Informatics Institute explore the far-reaching potential of machine learning, AI applications and human-computer interaction. Find out more

  • Data Science

Our researchers are establishing the Netherlands as one of the top-ranked countries for innovation in data science. Institutions such as CWI – the Dutch national research institute for mathematics and computer science –, SURF, the Netherlands eScience Center and the University of Amsterdam Informatics Institute explore the far-reaching potential of the field. Find out more

  • Quantum technology & Quantum computing

There’s endless potential in quantum technology and the future capabilities of quantum computers for research and business, across all economic sectors. Amsterdam Science Park has the knowledge base and infrastructure needed to take great leaps in the field, and several organisations play an important role in its further development. Find out more


LAB42 also recently opened its doors; the new international hub for talent development in digital innovation and AI. Education, entrepreneurs and researchers work together on the technological challenges of the future. By bundling these three disciplines under one roof, we are building a community that is needed to exchange knowledge and bring innovations into practice. At the moment there are still a few workplaces for rent for tech companies among the tech talent.

Amsterdam Data Science (ADS)

Amsterdam Data Science (ADS) is a network organisation of academic and industrial partners that has established a strong Data Science and AI ecosystem in the Amsterdam region. ADS exists to facilitate the growth and international standing of this ecosystem. It does this by connecting knowledge institutes and bridging academia, industry and society by providing a platform for collaboration and engagement. ADS is the initiative of the four knowledge institutes in Amsterdam: UvA, CWI, HvA and VU.

ADS organises a minimum of 12 Meetups a year, all of which are free to attend. These Meetups focus on exciting topics within the fields of Data Science and AI, including health, human interaction, cybersecurity and the real world applications of the research. ADS brings together speakers from academia and industry to showcase their expertise and world-class research in Data Science and AI.

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