Data science at Amsterdam Science Park

Data science has the potential to make a major impact on business and society and deliver practical solutions to real-world challenges. Its multidisciplinary, collaborative approach means data scientists find a natural home at the Amsterdam Science Park. An inspirational meeting place for big data and big opportunities.

Data-driven insights and solutions

Bringing together mathematics, statistics, AI and other disciplines, data science analyses and identifies patterns from large swaths of raw data. This is indispensable for decision-making and insight in fields including health, pharmacology, finance, business and education. Amsterdam Science Park is home to world-class research institutions such as the CWI, SURF, the Netherlands eScience Center and the UvA’s Informatics Institute. All breaking new ground in data science and it’s applications. Our Science & Business team can help you to find a good match to collaborate with these researchers, students and entrepreneurs at the park.

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In good company with data science changemakers

Amsterdam Science Park offers a distinctive ecosystem of specialised facilities and people at the forefront of data science. A mix of talented young students, the senior academics who oversee their development and businesses with the ambition to realise their vision. This mix can benefit companies who make Amsterdam Science Park their home. Innovators in the data science field include:

  • UvA-based project Clarify uses AI and data science to link engineering and medicine in improving cancer diagnostics.
  • IRLab researches information retrieval such as search engines, recommender systems and chat bots.
  • INDElab performs both fundamental and applied research in systems that support people working in data management, information integration, and machine learning.
  • The UvA’s Complex Cyber Infrastructure group works on building a safer and more secure world for data sharing, The group collaborates with SURF and other parties on the AMDEX project which aims to give people control over their own data.
  • DuckDBlabs helps companies manage and analyse data in new ways, most notably through the development of the open-source DuckDB database management system.
  • TRIPS is a start-up using data analytics to support schools. It applies different types of measurements and models to help teachers adapt their methods and improve outcomes.
  • BIT is a research and prototyping studio run by a team of 50 young talents recruited directly from the UvA’s AI and data science programmes. In collaboration with business, it aims to generate innovative, sustainable and future-proof solutions for companies.
  • Estreme helps customers integrate and analyse data, synthesising different systems to ensure that business processes run smoothly and simply.

INDELab – researching how people work with data

The Intelligent Data Engineering Lab (INDELab) is one of only a few groups in the world looking into how to use data management for machine learning. They focus on improving the processes – not the machine learning itself. They also help data scientists and engineers improve their data management, enabling them to quality check or debug their data spaces.

Led by Paul Groth, professor of data science at the Informatics Institute, the group works with companies such as IBM, Elsevier and Amazon to identify and solve real-world issues in data management. They also contribute to open-source projects, guide academic learning and share new developments to make data management stronger overall.

As hard problems are encountered in practice, the need for research to properly address them becomes clear. Beyond the commercial applications thus far, Groth sees exciting potential in collaborating with the finance and life sciences sectors. Not only for their “super interesting” data sets, but for the profound impact they can make together.

Ellogon – matching cancer patients to the right treatments

Ellogon AI analyses medical data to select cancer patients who can benefit from particular treatments. Evangelos Kanoulas co-founded the company with Efstratios Gavves in 2018 with the aim of applying data science in a field with major impact. Ellogon focuses on cancer, analysing digital biopsies to determine if a patient is suitable for certain forms of immunotherapy.

After working together with the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), Ellogon’s offerings have evolved into a commercial model. Their product has a natural fit with hospitals, diagnostic centres, and pharmaceutical companies in immunotherapy. Their work also has potential impact in other areas such as the wider field of computational pathology, and the research of genomic data.

It is a complex domain, requiring expertise from medical and regulatory sectors. Therefore, they have sought partnerships with local cloud business providers to ensure the safety and integrity of highly sensitive data.

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