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Amsterdam Science Park is all about collaboration. That’s why we offer shared facilities that are unique hubs for co-creation: places where business, research and talent come together and thrive. Find out how these facilities can serve your business.

Co-create and grow your business at Amsterdam Science Park

Sharing knowledge and expertise: that’s what drives ground-breaking co-creation across our vibrant community of innovators at Amsterdam Science Park. At our shared co-creation facilities and innovation labs, you will find plenty of opportunities for this. They are also a fitting location to host industry events.

Discover new ways of thinking. Adopt different practices. Meet the latest and greatest thinkers across multiple disciplines. Team up with students, startups and top researchers for your own research projects. From problem-solving R&D to long-term international research, the possibilities are endless.

Find out more about two of our main co-creation spaces below and discover the tools to spearhead the next big scientific breakthrough.

Open Kitchen Lab

Open Kitchen Labs

Looking for lab facilities for your biotechnology or sustainability startup? Open Kitchen Labs is a fully equipped shared lab space that offers a huge variety of services. From spectroscopy support to community events – Open Kitchen Labs has got you covered. Plus, the facility’s subscription model offers its users maximum flexibility. It’s a great tool, especially for new companies, as it frees them of the logistics and up-front investments involved with setting up their own lab infrastructure.


Spark904 is an R&D partner for businesses and other organisations focussed on sustainability, material circularity and drug development. Find both tools and technicians, whatever your research question – the facility’s in-house team has expertise and experience across multiple fields and sectors. As part of the University of Amsterdam, Spark904 is perfectly equipped with the talent and infrastructure to assist with developing chemical technologies, from chemical analysis and spectroscopy to tailor-made desk research. As part of its consultancy model, Spark904 also provides technical due-diligence services, scoping of R&D projects and R&D project management services.

Grow your business together

The community at Amsterdam Science Park welcomes players from various industries and scientific fields. Our innovation ecosystem includes multinationals such as Qualcomm and Bosch as well as many other companies and researchers looking to tap into the park’s talent and knowledge network. Your company could team up with high-potential students or trailblazing startups and scale-ups for problem-solving R&D. Utilise their skills and expertise in the park’s state-of-the-art shared research facilities and take your business to new heights.

Entrepreneurship and research meet here: where will your business fit in? Get in touch to find out how your company can join us.

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