LAB42 is an international hub for knowledge and talent development in digital innovation and AI. It brings together academics, entrepreneurs, businesses and researchers to work on addressing the challenges of the future. Find out more about office space at LAB42 and how to take advantage of the exciting opportunities this collaborative environment offers.

A new venue for knowledge sharing and fresh ideas

Building a strong community for science and business

LAB42 offers a home to students, researchers from the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) and the University of Amsterdams Informatics Institute, and companies that can rent offices or flex desks in the building. By combining academia, business and cutting-edge research under one roof, LAB42 creates a vibrant community whose members exchange ideas and knowledge to create tech innovations and put them into practice.

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A stimulating network of knowledge exchange

The students and researchers here work on AI advances and digital innovation, benefitting the startups, scale-ups, SMEs and larger businesses that share the building with them. Like many other initiatives at Amsterdam Science Park, LAB42 has a strong focus on sharing knowledge with others, particularly with entrepreneurs and corporate players.

A sustainable space that encourages interaction

The building features open-plan spaces for meetings, presentations and informal interactions. Students are based on the lower floors and researchers on the top floors, with company offices between them, so that businesses that rent these spaces are optimally positioned to benefit from the innovative research going on around them. And the building itself is a match with LAB42’s pioneering spirit. Fully circular and energy neutral, it’s equipped with solar panels, a retention roof that collects rainwater, and felt panels made of recycled bottles to optimise the acoustics.

Open doors for the Science Park’s wider community

LAB42 isn’t just for companies based at Amsterdam Science Park – it’s also open to the wider business community and the general public as a venue for discussions, workshops and training sessions. Flex workspaces for individuals or smaller startups are also available.

Experts on hand

The collaborative spirit is one of the reasons that Amsterdam’s AI ecosystem is particularly strong, and LAB42 harnesses this strength and encourages even more interaction.

Its stated aim of fostering strong connections between companies, students and researchers means:

  • students are up to speed with the latest technological developments
  • companies can apply new AI technology to their research and development
  • researchers develop applications in the context of real-world challenges

Subjects the researchers and companies at LAB42 work on are wide-ranging, from the use of AI in medical imaging to digitising museum collections, and from improving inequality in cities to developing socially responsible algorithms for online shopping. But whatever the topic, at LAB42, experts are always on hand when questions and challenges arise.

To find out how to join this pioneering knowledge hub, contact Amsterdam Science Park’s Science and Business Organisation for more information or see the LAB42 website.

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