June 27, 2024

Science Park start-up raises $30 million to tackle climate change with AI

CuspAI, an Amsterdam Science Park-based start-up, raised $30 million to develop AI-driven materials for CO2 capture. Founders Max Welling, a Machine Learning Professor, and British chemist Chad Edwards aim to revolutionize climate change mitigation through innovative technology.

Capturing and storing CO2 is a nascent but crucial industry. The process requires materials that can “breathe,” attaching and releasing CO2 at specific pressures and temperatures. This process is energy-intensive, but Welling believes AI can significantly improve efficiency.

CuspAI plans to build a data-driven platform to optimise these materials using generative AI. Their research department will be based at Amsterdam Science Park. Starting with a team of 12 to 15 people, growing to 40 within the next few years.

Geoffrey Hinton, a prominent AI researcher, will advise the company. He left Google due to concerns about the dangers of AI developed by large tech firms. Welling and Hinton intend to use their AI expertise to address climate change, also aiding hydrogen and battery production.

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