January 25, 2024

CWI spin-off finalist in prestigious Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge

Out of more than 4,000 international participants, CWI spin-off Photosynthetic has been selected as a finalist in the Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge. The pioneer in micro-3D printing technology is one of the few Dutch entrants ever to reach this stage of the competition. Applications of this technology can transform the medical, automotive, biomedical and many other industries.

Innovative academic spin-off Photosynthetic is supported by the Demonstrator Lab of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and specializes in advanced micro-3D manufacturing technology. Photosynthetic’s breakthrough technology combines the speed of stereolithography (SLA, the world’s first 3D printing technology from the 1980s) with the high resolution of two-photon lithography (a 3D printing technique for producing microscopic structures). With this combination, Photosynthetic aims to revolutionize the field of microfabrication.

Significant impact on society

The technology has breakthrough applications in the microneedle and microfluidics markets, where the company is already making progress. The company’s mission is to bring to market innovative micro-solutions that have a significant impact on society. “We are pleased and honored to be recognized as a finalist in such a prestigious global competition,” said Alexander Kostenko, CEO of Photosynthetic. “This achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team and it reflects our commitment to bringing innovative solutions to market that can have a real impact on society.”

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About Hello Tomorrow

Hello Tomorrow is a global organization that drives scientific and technological innovation by supporting deep technology startups. The annual Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge is a renowned competition that brings together the world’s most promising deep tech projects and provides them with visibility, funding and networking opportunities.

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