April 24, 2024

Safer multimedia: CWI leads innovation in encryption

CWI scientists at Amsterdam Science Park have developed new methods for efficient multimedia coding and advanced encryption protocols. These breakthroughs significantly enhance security for streaming video and other multimedia content, which is essential in our increasingly digital world. The implications of these developments are vast, as they contribute to both technological and societal progress.

The new technologies from CWI have a wide range of application possibilities, from enhancing the streaming quality of multimedia on platforms like Netflix and YouTube to strengthening the security of sensitive information transmitted through digital channels. Companies active in data science and cybersecurity can apply these techniques to optimize and secure their services against cyber threats.

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We invite companies to collaborate with CWI and other leaders in the field at Amsterdam Science Park. By joining this partnership, you can access cutting-edge technologies and be part of the next wave of digital innovation. Join our community and help shape the future of technology.

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For companies interested in these technologies, the Science & Business team at Amsterdam Science Park provides personalized guidance and networking opportunities. By contacting our team, you can make the right connections and position your business at the forefront of technological developments.

Further reading

For those who want to learn more about the latest developments in multimedia and security standards, we invite you to read the full article on CWI’s website. Discover detailed insights into how these technologies are developed and applied. Continue reading at CWI’s full article and join the discussion on the future of digital security.

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