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AI & data science

Amsterdam Science Park has a long history of defining the future. Join one of Europe’s most innovative centres for advances in digital technology, from artificial intelligence to big data and quantum computing.

Break new ground in digital technology

We’re on the precipice of a world we’ve long only imagined. Soon big data will prolong life, artificial intelligence (AI) will have ubiquitous applications and quantum software will confound the known computing landscape. These bold innovations are underway at Amsterdam Science Park, as we take great strides forward in advancing digital technologies.

Digital innovation

Leveraging the knowledge base

Amsterdam Science Park is the main centre for artificial intelligence and big data research in the Netherlands. This expertise is in part thanks to the many leading scientific institutes that are based here. The park is home to the Center of Mathematics & Informatics, SURFsara, Netherlands eScience Center and the University of Amsterdam Informatics Institute. A strong knowledge base and excellent infrastructure have also led to innovations in cybersecurity, quantum software, computational imaging and computer vision, and high-performance computing.

Creating connections

As the birthplace of the European internet, we continue to be one of the world’s best-connected locations. We have 600 network hubs that facilitate reach to 80% of Europe within 50 milliseconds. And it is not just our cables that are creating connections. The park is a collaborative space where businesses, scientists and innovators come together to make discoveries.

Max Welling, Prof. Computer Science Institute of Informatics, UvA Faculty of Science “People here are prepared to think outside the box ”

Facilitating collaborations

Researchers work closely with the business community to turn ground-breaking science into new products and innovative services. For example, in the UvA Bosch Delta Lab a team is focussed on a much more scalable and cost-effective solution to self-driving cars. The emphasis will be on applications in the engineering and artificial intelligence/machine-learning fields. Joint ventures like this pair innovative companies with today’s brightest minds. These collaborations have sparked wide-ranging real-world applications.

Make an impact on the future by being part of the research and developments taking place at Amsterdam Science Park

Investing in AI and data science

As fast-growing fields, AI and data science are in the spotlight at Amsterdam Science Park. The following developments at the park are helping establish the Netherlands as one of the top-ranked countries in terms of innovation power, particularly when it comes to AI.

  • The national Innovation Center for AI (ICAI) was launched here last year. This national initiative is focused on joint technology development between academia, industry and government in the area of AI.
  • The national Innovation Center for AI (ICAI) works closely with the other fields of focus at Amsterdam Science Park, including life sciences, sustainability and high-tech materials. The connection between these areas of research expands the possibilities and applications for artificial intelligence.
  • CWI hosts an innovation space of the European Institute of Innovation & Technology which focuses on FinTech.
  • Startup Village, a community where entrepreneurs turn their ideas into businesses, is adding a new facility. The extension is dedicated to AI and data science, with an emphasis on block-chain technology.
  • New and relevant university courses in AI ensure that new graduates are up to date with the latest technological developments. Student numbers are growing by 15% a year.

Growing through innovation

The high rate of innovation at Amsterdam Science Park has already attracted many multinationals. The successful startup Scyfer was taken over by the multinational Qualcomm, for example, and the digital branch of ABN AMRO has set up its digital arm at Amsterdam Science Park. Companies, like Bosch, Ahold Delhaize, Tata Steel, Elsevier and the National Police come here to be among the first to benefit from new technological advances.

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