Vacancies and internships at Amsterdam Science Park

Amsterdam Science Park is home to one of the largest concentrations of beta sciences in Europe. This unique juncture of prestigious education, high-quality research and knowledge-intensive business has been carefully cultivated to stimulate innovation and collaboration. With the University of Amsterdam Faculty of Science, the Amsterdam University College, dozens of renowned research institutes and some 120 companies – from start-ups to multinationals – all working in the fields of IT, Life Sciences, advanced technology, and sustainability, Amsterdam Science Park has become a vibrant melting pot where business, science and innovation meet. 

Interested in internships at an Amsterdam Science Park based company?

Increasingly more life science and high tech companies are choosing Amsterdam Science Park as their home base. The tally stands at 120; companies which were attracted by the business space and the Matrix Innovation Center. From here, they astonish the world with innovation and scientific breakthroughs.

For internships, check out our Amsterdam Science Park Database, a searchable database of all research institutions, spin-offs, small businesses, multinationals and start-ups situated at Amsterdam Science Park. Many business are interested in the pool of talent at the UvA and AUC".

Looking for an internship, PhD position or job with a Amsterdam Science Park based knowledge institute?

Boasting the highest concentration of publicly funded research in the Netherlands, Amsterdam Science Park is currently home to eight University of Amsterdam research institutes and three institutes of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Below you can find more information about jobs with these knowledge institutes.

Job vacancies at AMOLF

Are you seeking a challenging job in a multidisciplinary, collaborating research environment? AMOLF regularly has vacancies for postdocs, PhDs, technicians, and internships. Go to the job vacancies page >>

Job vacancies at ARCNL

Are you excellent in and passionate about science? In our young research center at ARCNL we can offer you a challenging, stimulating environment, pairing academic freedom with the promise of making a real difference to society. Go to the job vacancies page >>

Job vacancies at Nikhef

Nikhef offers fascinating scientific and technical work among passionate people and cutting-edge technology. Are you interested in working at Nikhef? Check out our vacancies or send an open application. Alternatively, you can contact the personnel department by email. Go to the job vacancies page >>

Job vacancies at CWI

CWI is interested in top-level young scientists and master students in mathematics or computer science who feel challenged by our research themes. Go to the job vacancies page >>

Job vacancies at SURFsara

SURFsara creates a bridge between research and advanced ICT. We do so with scientific research in our DNA and extensive expertise contained in our high-performance infrastructure. Are you inspired to work with us? We have many vacancies. Go to the job vancies page >>

Job vacancies at the Netherlands eScience Center

At the Netherlands eScience Center we are always happy to hear from people that are interested in engaging scientific challenges! On a regular basis we are looking for eScience Research Engineers. Go to the job vacancies page >>

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