April 14, 2021

Talking sustainability with Amsterdam Green Campus

Climate change, green transport and Amsterdam Science Park’s new SustainaLab were hot topics at the online Q&A meetup with Amsterdam Green Campus on 25 March.

The third in a series of online meetups hosted by Amsterdam Science Park centred around sustainable innovation. Amsterdam Green Campus was in the spotlight along with the exciting developments in the works with Amsterdam Science Park’s SustainaLab.

New testbed for sustainable ideas

Leo le Duc, director of Science & Business at Amsterdam Science Park, led this discussion, beginning by introducing the group to SustainaLab. Set to open next year, it will showcase early-stage research and innovations, lifting the curtain on the fascinating sustainability discoveries taking place at the park. It will host demos, facilitate collaborations between various parties and make meaningful contributions to environmental policies. He describes SustainaLab as “a combination of lab and office space for companies, with flex offices and desks, spaces for lectures, exhibitions and debates, and co-creation facilities for connecting knowledge, talent, government and businesses”.

Student research is heavily involved in SustainaLab’s activities. Amsterdam Green Campus will partner with companies to explore pioneering research and demonstrate innovations in the dedicated Student Lab.

Lisa Bibbe, the project lead at Amsterdam Green Campus, spoke next, explaining the organisation’s focus on sustainable agriculture, food, life sciences and chemistry. Amsterdam Green Campus is a collaboration between the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) faculty of science, Aeres school of applied sciences, Inholland, Wellantcollege and Clusius College. The interaction shared between the bright minds at these prestigious institutions results in a high level of innovation. The campus also provides an excellent resource for businesses, which can submit questions for the students, entrepreneurs and educators to investigate.

Q&A Amsterdam Science Park

Online Q&A Meet Ups

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What SustainaLab means for businesses

A varied mix of participants joined the 30-minute session, ranging from entrepreneurs to business owners and students with an interest in sustainability. After the presentations by guest speakers, participants asked questions. An entrepreneur working on circular solutions asked when a second SustainaLab building might become available to meet the ever-increasing demand for scientific innovation in Amsterdam.

Next, a founder of a startup specialising in eco-friendly bicycles asked how enterprises like his can benefit from initiatives like SustainaLab. The speakers responded that Amsterdam Science Park can connect the business community with people who can help their ventures grow. The SustainaLab will also provide an ideal setting for collaborative discussions, demos, exhibitions and personal introductions to scientists.

The short session concluded with guests feeling inspired by the collaborative potential of SustainaLab and Amsterdam Green Campus, and how both organisations can benefit businesses and individuals.

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