October 7, 2019

Looking for new opportunities?

At Amsterdam Science Park we cultivate the growth of great ideas. Companies looking to collaborate can work together with brilliant students, scientists and fellow entrepreneurs. They are able to help your organisation with complex challenges. Hundreds of companies already tapped into this wealth of knowledge. Do you want to be part of tomorrow’s innovations? Please contact our Science and Business organisation.

Amsterdam Science Park is home to one of the largest concentrations of sciences in Europe. A melting pot of innovation. Conveniently located right at the edge of the city centre you’ll find an ever-growing talent pool at the University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam University College. Thousands of pioneering scientists are looking to elevate their research. They can help your company to develop revolutionary solutions for today’s issues and tomorrow’s challenges.

Get access to the latest innovations

Multi-disciplinary teams are working on disruptive advances in a large range of fields. These fields include AI, big data, quantum computing, safe and efficient data traffic, smart health, biotechnology, sustainable agriculture, energy and new materials. Just to name a few. Join our community and get access to the latest innovations by working with the world’s brightest minds.

How can we help you?

Our Science & Business team is ready to trigger the business innovations that will keep you ahead of the competition. We’re the team that stimulates collaboration, connecting world-renowned scientists with companies and sparking conversations between the right people. If your company needs a business partner, talent or creative solutions to strengthen your R&D, our free and confidential advice is at your service.

What we can offer you:

  • A strong network and ecosystem
  • Introductions that lead to collaboration
  • An independent overview of all sectors
  • Knowledge of trending industry topics
  • Excellent contacts in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area
  • Personal service from a small team
  • Various resources to get you set up

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How can we help you?

Looking for partners to collaborate. Or looking for a certain expertise? Or would you like to locate your business in the Amsterdam Science Park? Drop us a line and we help you to find a perfect match.

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