October 31, 2022

Life Science and (e)Health dinner serves up inspiring insights at Amsterdam Science Park

On 25 October 2022 innovative entrepreneurs and corporates, top scientists and other talents gathered to celebrate the latest findings in life sciences and digital innovation. Guests of the Science & Innovation dinner learned about some exciting new scientific ventures, and how technology is saving lives, right here at Amsterdam Science Park.

A powerful knowledge network

To highlight the countless collaboration and establishment opportunities available at Amsterdam Science Park, as well as its powerful knowledge network, the Science & Business Organisation together with Smart Health Amsterdam, the network for data- and AI-driven innovation in Amsterdam’s life sciences and health sector,  invited life sciences, (e)health and artificial intelligence professionals to attend its Science & Innovation (S&I) dinner.

Here, roundtable discussions and presentations from guest speakers and experts presented companies with the opportunity to identify unique collaboration opportunities and get acquainted with everything that the Science Park has to offer. This includes access to award-winning researchers and cutting-edge laboratory facilities that ultimately bolster synergy between research, education and entrepreneurship in the Amsterdam region and beyond.

Life Science and (e)Health at Amsterdam Science Park

At Amsterdam Science Park, award-winning clinical research meets biotech and data science for breakthroughs in life sciences and (e) health.

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Amsterdam Science Park's ecosystem on Life Science and (e)health

Some innovative examples

To provide attendees with some practical examples, Rob van der Mei, professor of research and development at Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam and the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) spoke about medical research optimisation as well as algorithms to help doctors decide on treatment for cancer patients. These advancements have the potential to save human lives and reduce waiting lists in healthcare.

Pernette J. Verschure, professor of functional epigenome dynamics at the University of Amsterdam (Swammerdam Institute for life sciences, Faculty of Science) and the Amsterdam University Medical Center (medical biochemistry), also discussed her work in developing long-term epigenetic reprogramming to address societal challenges.

Guests were fascinated to learn how our genetic material is programmed, as Verschure explained, with innovative techniques for re-instructing the epigenome by exploiting the variability between cells. Part of an EU project which unites various universities and companies like Bristol Myers, Unilever, Enza, Keygene and Confocal, this is a revolutionary way to maintain health but also to grow crops in a changing climate.

Amsterdam Science Park offers unique opportunities to businesses and entrepreneurs that want to work with scientific talent, researchers or startups. For instance, the ‘Tesla Minor’ in which students work with companies on real life challenges. To connect your business with this hub of innovation, contact Leo le Duc to find out how.

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