October 3, 2022

Erik Garnett wins KNCV Gold Medal

At the annual Dutch chemistry conference Chains, the KNCV announced that AMOLF group leader Erik Garnett (Nanoscale Solar Cells) is the recipient of the KNCV Gold Medal. He receives the award for his groundbreaking, cross-disciplinary research that combines nanomaterials, photochemistry, materials chemistry and nanophotonics.

The jury describes Garnett as being not only a fantastic chemist and mentor, but also a great ambassador to Dutch chemistry.

At AMOLF Garnett leads the research group Nanoscale Solar Cells. The group researches two main lines and both are focused on light. One research line is about photovoltaics; making solar cells more efficient and stable. The other main topic is using light to control chemical reactions and that can be molecular reactions, but also solid state reactions.

In addition to being a group leader at AMOLF, Garnett also holds a professorship at the Institute of Physics (IoP) at the University of Amsterdam.

Source: AMOLF press release

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