March 13, 2024

SolarNL kick-off: collaboration and innovation mark the launch of the Dutch’ solar energy revolution

SolarNL is not just about increasing production; it’s about revolutionizing the solar industry with new technologies. The program focuses on three key areas: high-efficiency silicon “heterojunction” solar cells, flexible solar foils based on the novel material perovskite, and tailor-made, lightweight solar panels for integration into buildings and vehicles. These innovations promise to deliver solar solutions that are not only more efficient but also fully circular, minimizing CO2 emissions and seamlessly blending into the environment.

In an ambitious move to accelerate the Netherlands’ energy transition, the SolarNL program was officially launched, with AMOLF at the Amsterdam Science Park playing a leading role. As a key participant, AMOLF is at the forefront of research on new solar cell materials and technologies. This initiative not only aims to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of solar energy but also to position the Netherlands as a leader in solar technology innovation.


A collaborative effort for a sustainable future

At the heart of SolarNL is a consortium of Dutch solar technology companies, research institutions, and academic partners, all working together to push the boundaries of solar energy technology. This collaborative effort is set to fast-track the Netherlands towards achieving its climate goals by 2050, aiming for climate neutrality with a production volume target of over 7 GWp/year of innovative solar cells and panels.

Photo: SolarNL partners and guests in the solar foil factory of HyET Solar in Arnhem.

A leap in efficiency: breaking the 36% barrier

A testament to the program’s innovative spirit is the recent breakthrough by AMOLF and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE), achieving a record efficiency of 36.1% for silicon-based multijunction solar cells. This milestone surpasses the fundamental efficiency limits of traditional silicon solar cells, opening new avenues for solar energy applications in space-constrained environments such as electric vehicles and consumer products.

Funding and support: a national aim

The National Growth Fund, InvestNL, and private investors back SolarNL, highlighting the national commitment to sustainable energy development. With a substantial investment, the program is poised to create over 2,000 new jobs, significantly contributing to the Dutch economy and the global fight against climate change.

Join the movement: a call to action for businesses

As SolarNL charts its course towards a brighter, more sustainable future, we extend an open invitation to businesses interested in contributing to these groundbreaking innovations. The Science & Business organisation at Amsterdam Science Park stands ready to connect you with SolarNL, offering a unique opportunity to be part of this transformative journey. Together, we can make a significant impact on the energy landscape, driving forward the transition to renewable sources.

Looking ahead: SolarNL’s vision for the future

As SolarNL moves forward, its vision is clear: to establish a leading national solar industry that not only meets the Netherlands’ energy needs but also contributes to the energy independence of the European Union. Through innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to sustainability, SolarNL is set to play an essential role in the global transition to renewable energy.

In conclusion, the launch of SolarNL represents a importantstep towards a sustainable future, harnessing the power of the sun to fuel the Netherlands’ energy transition. With groundbreaking technologies, national support, and a collaborative ecosystem, SolarNL is ready to lead the charge in the global solar energy revolution.

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