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July 16, 2019

Equinix increases investment in Startup Village

Equinix extends the sponsorship contract with Amsterdam Startup Village until 2025. This breeding ground for more than sixty innovative start-ups is located next to Equinix’s Internet Business Exchange (IBX) locations at Amsterdam Science Park. Equinix was one of the first sponsors of Startup Village in 2017. The new contract, with a value of 125,000 euros, ensures that Equinix and Startup Village will join forces with marketing activities for start-ups and related target groups. 

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One of the components is the organization of an award for start-ups. Equinix will also organize various events at Startup Village. Amsterdam Science Park is the location where the first e-mail was sent 25 years ago,” said Michiel Eielts, Managing Director of Equinix Benelux. “Nowadays, Amsterdam is still an important interconnection location for Equinix. Direct data exchange between organizations is becoming an increasingly important condition for organizations to be able to innovate. The innovative mindset of 25 years ago is still present at this location in Amsterdam and that is why we are proud to help make an initiative such as Startup Village possible. “

Erik Boer, director of Startup Village and ACE Incubator “Startup Village at Amsterdam Science Park is a fast-growing, cool and dynamic hub for innovators, start-ups, students, academics and companies. ”

Equinix’s annual Global Interconnection Index Vol. 2  demonstrates that interconnection between companies in Amsterdam is growing by 57% annually, which is considerably higher than the international average of 48%. Michiel Eielts: “Across the board, we see that Amsterdam is an important innovation hub. This region offers an ideal climate for innovation and growth internationally, with an excellent digital infrastructure and the presence of a great deal of knowledge and skills in the field of technology. This thriving business climate ensures that many companies establish their headquarters here. “

Erik Boer, director of Startup Village and ACE Incubator: “Startup Village at Amsterdam Science Park is a fast-growing, cool and dynamic hub for innovators, start-ups, students, academics and companies. It is located right next to the Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam and is a unique meeting place for technological start-ups and innovation. Equinix has been our main partner since day one and we are delighted that we can intensify this collaboration and extend it with five years.”

Michiel Eielts, Managing Director of Equinix Benelux “Successful start-ups are the future of our digital economy. ”

Components of the collaboration include:

  • Equinix and Startup Village are going to launch a startup award together. In 2017 Equinix and Startup Village organized a Shark Tank competition; the winner, security start-up Storro, received free support from an Equinix IBX data center and won a trip to Silicon Valley.
  • Equinix will organize various events in Startup Village,. With this, Equinix wants to stimulate knowledge sharing between its customers and innovative startups.

“Successful start-ups are the future of our digital economy,” says Michiel Eielts. “They are not only flexible; they can also scale up quickly and therefore make maximum use of the digital infrastructure. This collaboration allows young entrepreneurs to use interconnection in their digital strategy at an early stage. In the longer term, this means that they can innovate faster and gain a competitive advantage in terms of performance and time-to-market.”

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