July 11, 2019

Development of SustainaLab

The urgency surrounding the issue of sustainability requires new insights, investments and decisiveness in the years ahead. Cooperation between the scientific community, government bodies and the business sector will be vital in order to increase the sustainability of our society. The University of Amsterdam, Stichting Science & Business and the Matrix Innovation Center are therefore joining forces to develop a SustainaLab at Amsterdam Science Park. The SustainaLab is expected to open in early 2022.

The SustainaLab

The combination of offices and labs in the SustainaLab, which Matrix Innovation Center is developing at the heart of Amsterdam Science Park, makes it the ideal place for co-creation between education, research and entrepreneurship in the area of sustainability. The building of approx. 13,000 m2 GFA – designed by the architectural firm MVRDV – has very high sustainability ambitions. The building is virtually energy-neutral, with a roof that contributes to climate control, biodiversity and water buffering. The energy supply consists of a geothermal system combined with solar panels on the roof. In addition, the building can be disassembled and the components are specified in a material passport with a view to possible later reuse. Construction will start in 2020 and the SustainaLab is scheduled to open in early 2022.

The search for sustainable solutions

At Amsterdam Science Park, scientists and innovative entrepreneurs in various fields are working to find sustainable solutions to a wide range of current and future problems. These range from biodegradable plastic, more efficient solar panels and creating aircraft fuel from food waste to greening cities and making agriculture and horticulture more sustainable. The University of Amsterdam, the Matrix Innovation Center and Amsterdam Science Park are jointly committed to the realisation of the SustainaLab in this seventh Matrix building in order to further roll out these new developments, systematically make society more sustainable and continue to ensure the well-being of future generations. The initiators behind the SustainaLab hope to enlist the cooperation of knowledge partners, government bodies and businesses in the short term.

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