Care for the eldery
September 19, 2019

Amsterdam based knowledge and health care institutes join forces to improve urgent care for the elderly

Amsterdam Science Park based Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), VU University Amsterdam, Amsterdam UMC, Amsterdam health & technology institute (ahti), and health care institution SIGRA have joined forces in a new research project called “DOLCE VITA”. In this project the institutions collaborate in order to improve urgent healthcare for people of 75 years and older. For this project a budget of 1.9 million euros is available. The research is funded by the NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences (AES) and a number of healthcare institutes from Amsterdam.

Rob van der Mei , Project leader (CWI) “This collaboration is a brilliant opportunity to tackle a societal problem together, with this unique bundling of knowledge from stakeholders from science as well as practice. ”

Elderly experience difficulties in getting fast, adequate and appropriate care when needed. Temporary care is not always available on short notice. The emergency department of the hospital is overloaded and after hospitalization, replacement is often difficult. As a result, appropriate care for a growing group of elderly with urgent health issues is not available.  Because of a lack of overview of the care chain, deciding what is the best solution for these problems is difficult.

In the project a model will be developed that addresses ‘what if’ questions about the effects of longterm policy decisions in the healthcare system. The model can be used to support complex decision-making process regarding the healthcare system.

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