November 22, 2023

What can quantum science do for business – and vice versa?

Quantum technology breakthroughs are poised to reshape the business landscape. On 7 November, innovation-minded entrepreneurs, scientists and their peers delved into the latest discoveries and possibilities at the Science and Innovation dinner, hosted by Amsterdam Science Park and Quantum.Amsterdam.

The quantum advantage to solving challenges

The dinner gave entrepreneurs a unique chance to learn directly from world-class experts about leveraging quantum science for a competitive edge. The evening kicked off with the Quantum.Amsterdam Experience, a learning tool and demonstration room giving non-experts an overview of core quantum science concepts. Leo le Duc, director of Science & Business, welcomed the guests at Polder. He talked about the Science Park’s unparalleled environment for collaboration between industry, research and education, and gave a brief introduction to the park’s four focus areas: AI and digital innovation, sustainability, life sciences, and high-tech systems and materials. Koen Groenland of Quantum.Amsterdam and QuSoft then took over the podium to to introduce, among other things, LabQ, the park’s planned hub for quantum research and technology.  This was followed by keynote speakers revealing their latest findings.

Benefits of bridging science and business

As professor of computer science at the University of Amsterdam (UvA), group leader at CWI, director of the QuSoft research centre and co-founder of software startup Fermioniq, Harry Buhrman is one of the world’s leading quantum software and algorithms experts as well as an entrepreneur. In his keynote, he discussed recent quantum computing breakthroughs, but he also emphasised how important the interaction between science and business is for the field. Researchers, he said, might know how quantum science can solve problems, but they don’t necessarily have insight in the challenges businesses are looking to solve (or, to use his phrase, the ‘million-dollar question’). It’s businesses who ask the right and relevant questions, and Buhrman extended a cordial invitation to businesses to refer these questions directly to Quantum.Amsterdam.

Further emphasising the importance of collaboration, he shared a compelling case of how quantum technology solved a challenge in the entirely unrelated field of algebraic theory, stressing the importance of synergy between different scientific fields as well as between science and business.

Quantum journeys from lab to boardroom

Arghavan Safavi-Naini, a quantum computing researcher at the UvA’s Institute of Physics helped demystify quantum computing for non-experts. She then presented her team’s ground-breaking prototype that could make quantum computer technology not only simpler to build, but far more compact and reliable.

Harnessing quantum for a brighter future

Caterina Taballione, commercial and partnership lead at QuiX Quantum, presented her team’s work in the arena of photonics. Quantum hardware is integrated with optical fibres, which essentially redefines how light can be manipulated. Taballione discussed the potential of this across various industries, and the importance of encouraging young talent into the field as early as possible.

Stay ahead and inspire your organisation

Casually learning about core quantum science concepts over dinner, while making valuable connections and exploring quantum’s meaning for businesses: this evening truly demonstrated what the Amsterdam Science Park’s ethos and ambition is all about. The evening gave attendees – which included representatives of KLM, IBM and the independent research organisation TNO a glimpse into the quantum advances at Amsterdam Science Park and its unique ecosystem that mingles innovation-driven businesses with the top minds and technologies in quantum technology.

The event was such a success that a new edition is already in the works. Stay tuned – it’s expected to be scheduled for the next year. And you can already start taking advantage of what Amsterdam Science Park has to offer now. Subscribe to our newsletters to stay connected with Amsterdam Science Park and Quantum.Amsterdam.

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