Quantum technology
October 3, 2019

New technological opportunities

With the arrival of the quantum computer, we are at the start of a technological revolution that offers opportunities for all sectors of the economy. It creates the possibility to develop better batteries, more powerful fertilizer or healthier food. Organizations at the Amsterdam Sciences Park play an important role in this development.

The promise of quantum

Quantum computers, simulators, communication systems and sensors can help with societal challenges and offer opportunities for all sectors of the economy. Quantum computers, for example, can perform many operations at the same time. As a result, they are able to solve difficult problems much faster than traditional computers will ever be able to. For example, a quantum computer that can simulate the precise behavior of molecules gives us the opportunity to develop new medicines, better batteries, more powerful fertilizer or healthier food. We are therefore at the start of a technology revolution that can probably make a major contribution to solving issues relating to energy, food and care, among other things.

optical quantum clock
Schematic diagram of the optical (quantum) clock that is being developed by the UvA.

National Agenda for Quantum Technology

The Netherlands is a leading centre for the development of quantum hardware and software, as well as the accompanying algorithms and applications. To retain this position, it is important for the country to keep moving forward. In the new National Agenda for Quantum Technology, Dutch knowledge institutions and companies describe how the country can keep and further strengthen its world leading position as a centre and hub for quantum technology. On Monday 16 September, the agenda was presented to Mona Keijzer, State Secretary for Economic Affairs by Robert Dijkgraaf.

‘I am very happy that the agenda is here, because it offers many opportunities for the development of quantum technology and  software,’ says Kareljan Schoutens, Professor of Theoretical Physics at the UvA and co-director of QuSoft both located at the Amsterdam Science Park. ‘To seize those opportunities, UvA, VU and CWI contribute through QuSoft, the research centre for quantum software, and through the Quantum Application and Software Hub Amsterdam (QASHA), that is being developed together with regional partners. The central goal is to develop quantum algorithms and software that allow new applications of quantum computers. Moreover, Amsterdam contributes to the development of quantum safe cryptograhy and quantum sensors.

For more information about the National Agenda for Quantum Technology, see the UvA press release (in Dutch) linked below.

Nationale agenda Quantum Technologie: Nederland zet volgende stap


Stacey Jeffery is Senior Researcher at CWI and Qusoft. In the video below she tells about Quantum computing in relation to CWI, Qusoft and the location of Amsterdam Science Park.

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