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June 19, 2020

Fourteen incredible startups made it to the online ACE Incubation program

As many of us, ACE too, had to pivot their offline incubation program to the online space. They introduced their brand new online platform #ACEBase and kicked off on Monday May 11. A diverse group of 14 incredible startups appeared on their screens and team ACE was blown away by the energy that was created.

The ACE incubation program helps to develop tech or science ideas into a successful company. It covers all stages of starting a business and helps to boost entrepreneurial skills.

The program offers:

  • 9 weeks of Incubation Program
  • Knowledge of how to run a successful company
  • Individual sessions with some of the 50+ highly experienced mentors that come from wide-ranging backgrounds and industries
  • Access to corporate and service provider networks
  • A vibrant community of passionate founders from more than 130 companies

During these 9 weeks, ACE offers intensive training, support, and access to an extensive network of mentors, entrepreneurs and business professionals.

For this edition, ACE received over 100 applications. The following 14 startups made it to the program:

Startup Sector: Platform
Founders: Yasmine Finbow, Aileen van Leeuwen.
Acume is a tech solution that bridges the communication gap between academia and practitioners. The Acume platform delivers personalised summaries of academic content to help our customers make an even bigger impact in their work.

Startup Sector: AgriTech
Founder: Alokendu Patnaik
Agrolooks is an innovative AgriTech start up that is developing a website/app to generate recommendations for the agri-food industry to tackle the nitrogen and other ecological issues along with facilitating the transition towards circular agriculture.

Startup Sector: E-commerce
Founders: Andrii Indutnyi, Nataliia Kushnir, Ivan Khranovskii.
Artexpert is helping collectors or regular people to make a free and fast evaluation by using mobile app for a further monetization and usage in financial operations and put all transactional information to decentralized registry.

B Controller
Startup Sector: IoT, Hardware
Founders: Bas de Lange, Tim Hosman.
B Controller is aiming to create better experiences for its users using connectivity. B controller is the platform to allow all your power AA devices to be connected and monitored on your smart home platform.

Startup Sector: AI
Founders: Maarten de Reij, Daniel Schreij.
Cargoplot is an AI driven matchmaking & collaboration platform for freight forwarders and people in need of transport for their goods. The tool will reduce the time investment for matchmaking from days to minutes.

Coryal Tech
Startup Sector: Deep Tech, Hardware
Founders: Marco Valenti, Evgenia Kontoleta, Caterina Velenti, Tarik Cavsevic.
Coryal Tech develops and manufactures market-driven intelligent electrochromic devices (e.g., novel smart windows, sensors, camera filters) that use an app to dynamically control the reflection and transmission of colors from (semi)transparent materials.

Startup Sector: AI
Founders: Levi Kok, Attila Herbert.
Dashbord is the solution that provides next-level insights and forecasting for the hospitality sector. The mission is to become the most trusted data insights and forecasting sevice for small, medium and large businesses in Europe.

Startup Sector: BioTech
Founders: Ahmed Khalil, Johanna Curiel, Oskar Person.
Elementa is an interactive voice phone app for biomedical researchers, which enhances their experimental documentation and workflow in the lab.

Startup Sector: E-learning
Founder: Jenia Patsko
EVO is a global source for future entrepreneurs and change makers to get a “know-how” support from the existing sustainable businesses and to find the local financial support for their sustainable startups.

Startup Sector: HR Software
Founders: Babette Mooij, Anniek Hegeman.
Growthrs is an in-company platform that gives companies the tool to help their employees to grow and connect the workforce, in order to build high-performing teams with a great fit. We believe that the process of career advancement can be improved, by helping both the employee as well as the employer by giving insight in the employees skills and interests.

Humanized Discoveries
Startup Sector: BioTech
Founder: Felipe Vieira Braga
Startup Humanized Discoveries combines state of the art single cell transcriptomics and humanized mouse models to support development of immunotherapy drugs.

Startup Sector: Digital Health
Founders: Robin Salimans, Ronan Liedmeier, Ramses Kamanda.
Kibo is a trusted AI career advisor which helps you find a career with purpose and eases psychological struggles that come with career uncertainty.

Startup Sector: AI, E-commerce
Founders: Maxim Khalilov, Roman Kalyakin.
Mash.AI is an AI driven generation of variations of personalised textual content which results in lower marketing costs for the customer and cutting costs on dealing with unexpected workload.

Startup Sector: AI
Founders: David Rau, Nikos Kondylidis.
Leading internet platforms and millions of e-commerce companies use advanced search and recommendation technology requiring immense infrastructure. Slim AI enables these companies to carry out efficient information retrieval using neural rankers.


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