November 22, 2023

Boosting the potential of deep tech at the Amsterdam Science Park’s Business Club

Deep tech and business: how do we make the most of each other’s strengths? At the latest Business Club lunch, taking place on 9 November, entrepreneurs and deep-tech experts gathered to unpack this question and more. Attendees came together to look at how to cement the Science Park’s position as a leading deep-tech hub. They also explored common hurdles faced by businesses in the sector, and how they might tackle them. Here are the key takeaways.

Closing the investment gap

A major concern that came up in the conversation was the bureaucratic complexity of the funding process. Entrepreneurs stressed the gap between seed and venture capital, and agreed that a more streamlined process would be helpful. They saw the need for a collective forum so they could help each other with their experiences and insights. But they also brought up several ways forward, including Startup Village’s support programme and collaborative funding days to connect academics and investors. Stay tuned for an upcoming Business Club event dedicated to this theme, as well as a special funding day event for medtech in partnership with ROMInWest on 30 November.

The quest for talent: recruiting the right candidates

Another common barrier for deep-tech companies that was mentioned is talent acquisition. Attendees shared valuable tips to find and attract talent, including the launch of a job vacancy page. Startup Village will be hosting events to connect talent and businesses, including an upcoming talent programme in collaboration with Nxus as well as schools and universities.

The City’s vision: collaborating on strengths

How does the city play a part in boosting the Science Park’s profile? Arjen van Nieuwenhuizen and Lucas Mol, both from the City of Amsterdam’s department of economic affairs, joined the discussion to shed light on strategic policy developments that align with innovations at the park. They provided insights into the City’s Innovation District Strategy, and the emphasis of their talk was how collaborations with organisations within Amsterdam Science Park can be utilised to showcase its distinctive strengths.

Strategic alignment

Let’s not forget, companies can play an important role in the strategic ambitions of the city and beyond, as they are pioneering innovations that can have a significant impact on people’s everyday lives. Take attendee Lukas Helmbrecht of LumetalliX, which provides a kit to test paint, dishes, toys and other objects for poisonous lead content. CargoLedger, whose founder and CEO Hjalmar van der Schaaf also attended, aims to use blockchain technology to reduce waste and emissions in the logistics sector. Other attendees included Robert Kuijper of healthtech pioneers Ellogon AI, Pim Vos of Confocal, which provides advanced cell imaging, and Lisa Jukema from the edtech business Anywyse. The attendees discussed the latest local and national technology strategies, with the aim to shape and strengthen the deep-tech landscape and secure the Science Park’s position as a competitive innovation district.

Next steps: your input

The Amsterdam Science Park’s Business Club is an exclusive association for businesses located at the park in collaboration with Matrix Innovation Center, LAB42 and Startup Village. Its members come together regularly to discuss challenges and achievements in their respective field, aiming to shape the future of science and industry collaborations. Past editions have included events dedicated to bringing founders in the MedTech and E-health industry together, fostering sustainability within companies and the process of becoming B-corp and attempting the world’s fastest business acceleration exercise.

Attendees regularly note the strong collaborative spirit of the meeting, setting the stage for deeper discussions to come. If you’d like to take part in this or other upcoming topics, join us for future events by the Amsterdam Science Park Business Club. Membership includes invitations to quarterly meetups and many opportunities to exchange knowledge with the innovators at Amsterdam Science Park.

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