June 9, 2023

Accelerating the pace of quantum technology developments

Of all the scientific developments in recent times, none has generated more widespread anticipation than quantum technology. From decades of research, theory is rapidly advancing towards practical application. Breakthroughs in the field can improve our markets and societies in ways we have yet to imagine. At Amsterdam Science Park, quantum technology institutions are exploring collaborations between academic, public and private sectors to prepare for a new paradigm of knowledge and innovation.

Transforming how to solve challenges and open doors

Quantum technology and quantum computing are due to impact fields as wide-ranging as life sciences, chemistry and high-tech materials, finance and security. For highly complex industrial and social problems, quantum computers will help reach solutions much faster, handling calculations that are impossible with even our most advanced classical computing. It will optimise engineering processes, develop medicines, better protect financial assets.

The potential benefits are so far-reaching that in 2019, the Netherlands set up a ‘national agenda on quantum technology’ to prioritise the development of the technology. Quantum.Amsterdam at Amsterdam Science Park is one of five innovation hubs supported by the resulting public-private foundation Quantum Delta NL.

Quantum.Amsterdam – a hub of expertise

Quantum.Amsterdam is Amsterdam Science Park’s innovation hub for quantum software, technology and applications, involving the partners QuSoft – a quantum software and applications research centre – Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI), the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and Quantum Delta NL. It serves to link research institutes, companies and the City with quantum developments in the rest of the country, pushing innovation and economic development of quantum technology.

Though Quantum.Amsterdam was established in 2020, it is founded on decades of quantum technology research and development. This background allows Quantum.Amsterdam to facilitate close collaborations between scientific partners and major international companies, engaging from early idea stages through to concrete projects.

As a hub, Quantum.Amsterdam offers multiple services. It hosts community events to connect experts from around the world, and conducts workshops and training to support companies in bringing their workforce up to speed for future technologies that will transform their industries. It dedicates office space and support for startups in their Amsterdam ecosystem, and also serves as a talent hotspot, attracting the brightest minds and helping develop their skills.

Quantum.Amsterdam currently focuses on finance, quantum chemistry and materials, operations research and security industries. Companies have the opportunity to work alongside leading knowledge partners and make the most of powerful research facilities, infrastructure and tooling.

Quantum Demo Lab – showing and sharing inspiration

Quantum.Amsterdam also hosts the Quantum Demo Lab, a monthly get-together where guests can attend presentations in the demo room. The event aims to share developments and start conversations within the quantum community, and to encourage entrepreneurs, academics and students to get to know each other and their projects over drinks in an informal setting. The event includes contributions from CWI, the UvA, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS), Startup Village, Quantum Delta NL and QuSoft. You can register to attend here.

LabQ – a national network for quantum education and research

As quantum technology continues to develop in the Netherlands, so do the country’s resources. The UvA is set to create LabQ, a new building at Amsterdam Science Park dedicated to further education and research in quantum technology. Supported by the National Growth Fund subsidy, the facility will be part of a set of special ‘quantum buildings’ connecting campuses in Delft, Eindhoven, Leiden, Twente and Amsterdam. The aim is to create a national quantum ecosystem that will enable smoother collaboration with academic, public and private parties.

Due to launch in 2026, LabQ will be the new home for QuSoft as well as other quantum education and research groups. The building will also provide space for startups, SMEs and other companies involved in quantum technology.

Amsterdam Science Park offers endless opportunities for co-creation, bringing business together with talent, researchers and startups. Contact the Science and Business team to help you find a good match and become part of the park’s dynamic environment.

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