Startup Village

Startup village

Join Startup Village, a new incubator project and community working space at Amsterdam Science Park. Your business can grow in a dynamic environment. Startup Village is home to more than 55 innovative startups and scaleups.

ACE incubator at Startup Village

Tap into creativity at Startup Village

Startup Village offers dynamic spaces that are perfect for growing businesses. Its containers are home to offices and facilities for events, meetings and co-working. The relaxed layout is designed to spark creativity. There’s a casual-Friday vibe all week round. Great coffee (like big ideas) is always brewing. Last year, the village doubled in size with a new facility focused on AI, data science and blockchain technology. Though Startup Village is intended for fledgling enterprises, some larger companies are establishing footholds here to be among the first to benefit from the technological advances.

Give your company an edge by setting up your office in Startup Village

This thriving ecosystem is constantly buzzing with innovation. Universities, corporations, successful entrepreneurs and business experts work together to develop and implement new tech. The fantastic facilities and brilliant community can have a truly powerful impact emerging businesses.


ACE Incubator

ACE is a university incubator that support students, academics and tech professionals who are starting or growing their business. They help consists of training & coaching and introductions to our extensive network of industry leaders, business professionals, investors and service providers. By supporting knowledge-based startups and scale-ups, they strive to build a learning ground for creating impactful companies of the future.

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