Large Language Models for media and democracy: wrecking or saving society?

Are you at the forefront of innovation, constantly seeking the next big thing in tech? With this workshop we intend to map the salient technical and societal issues that emerged around foundational models and to discuss recent developments to address them.

Over the past years, foundational models, including large-language models (LLMs) and multi-modal systems, have significantly advanced the possibilities for understanding, analyzing, and generating human language [1]. These models, based on artificial neural network computations trained on a large scale of documents, open the possibility of performing advanced tasks related to language, audio, video, and image processing.

However, these models are relatively novel and several crucial open issues need to be addressed. These issues are related both to the development and the impact of these models on society, especially on media and democracy.

Why You Can’t Miss It:

Key Insights: Learn from experts at the forefront of tech and society.
Network: Connect with leaders in AI, big data, and more.
Drive Change: Engage in discussions that shape the future.

Perfect for: Innovators and companies at the tech-society nexus. Whether you’re in AI, sustainability, or curious about tech’s societal impacts, this event is for you.

Spaces are limited.

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