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CWI in Business 2021 on secure multiparty computation (i.c.w. TNO)

Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) and the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research (TNO) are pleased to invite you to the online event ‘CWI in Business’ on Monday 13 September.

This year’s edition revolves around Secure Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and the program committee consists of Ronald Cramer (CWI) and Thijs Veugen (TNO/CWI)

The scientific area of secure multi-party computation offers a cryptographic approach for secure data sharing and -processing. This area is gaining worldwide recognition as a potential solution to an increasing number of applications, for instance in health and finance.

During the last decade, many scientific results contributed to significant improvements of the efficiency of these techniques, thereby bringing MPC further towards maturity. On the other hand, the development of big data and artificial intelligence has established a growing need for secure data analysis mechanisms on distributed sensitive data. A further incentive is given by the requirements of the European privacy laws (GDPR).

During this event, we will give a scientific overview of the field, and present a number of use cases that were solved by means of MPC. We will touch on the entire spectrum from fundamental and applied research to applications and spin-offs.

The preliminary program:

10.00-10.30 Introduction by Lisa Kohl & Ronald Cramer (CWI)

10.30-11.15 Guest speaker Marcel Keller (CSIRO’s Data61): MP-SPDZ – A versatile framework for multi-party computation

11.15-11.30 Break

11.30-11.45 Thijs Veugen (TNO/CWI): An overview of present and future MPC applications

11.45-12.00 Mark Abspoel (CWI): Improving HIV treatment choice with multi-party computation

12.00-12.15 Martine van de Gaar (Linksight): Linksight, a TNO spin-off

12.15-12.45 Panel discussion 1

12.30-12.45 Panel discussion 2

12.45 End of programm

The program will be hosted by chair of the day Chris van ‘t Hof.

Participation is free of charge, but registration is required.


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