Cwi and Sound and Vision open virtual museum during VR days Amsterdam

Will 3D video change the way we experience cultural heritage? Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) and the Netherlands Institute of Sound and Vision will give a sneak peek into the future of shared, remote access to cultural heritage with a demonstration of the pioneering work MediaScape Extended Reality (XR). MediaScape XR is the first demonstration where visitors can interact with the collection of Sound and Vision in a virtual space shared with other remote visitors.


The demonstration of the MediaScape XR places the remote visitor in the virtual Sound and Vision museum. The experience is tailor made for one specific cultural artifact: the costume that Jerney Kaagman, lead singer of the rock band Earth and Fire, wore in the music program Toppop in 1979. In the virtual environment, visitors can freely interact with a high-quality 3D model of the costume, enjoy a curated tour through this model and recreate the Toppop show with other remote visitors.

Project leader Pablo Cesar (CWI): “This new VR experience of a museum visit will allow people in the future to enjoy a cultural and educational experience from the comfort of their own homes and let them interact with the museum pieces in novel ways. One step forward, because it will let a museum experience go beyond the possibilities onsite. This innovation will help museums to increase their impact and reach new audiences.”

Social Virtual Reality

This new museum experience allows visitors to relive the history of museum pieces through the new medium of Social Virtual Reality. It illustrates how the traditional model of a museum experience as a passive observation is decisively shifting to active, interpretive engagement.

CWI and Sound and Vision will provide a forum for discussing this current and relevant topic: cultural institutions are under pressure to make collections available online, by going a step beyond and enabling highly immersive and interactive experiences. The event offers visitors a unique playful experience of a shared virtual museum visit and will provide insights on how cultural institutions can take the next step.

The virtual demo is open to all visitors of OBA Oosterdok for free.

Read the full article from CWI here to find out more about the program.

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