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Chem Together

If you have an interest in Chemistry, Sustainability or Biotech, this event is a perfect occasion to meet professionals with an interest in common.

You are the most welcome to join us live, in Amsterdam Science Park, in the afternoon of Wednesday 25th May. As usual, Chem Together gives you the occasion to listen to inspiring talks, discuss recent advancements in technology, and make new connections.

First, we will listen to prominent speakers from the business landscape of Amsterdam: Sander van Loon and Anne Berends. Sander, founder of Van Loon Chemical Innovations, has recently launched a science-based web app for formulation R&D, en example of digitalization in chemical product development that reduces money and time investments. Anne is the Life Sciences program director at Seaborough, a company re-inventing lighting technologies, and she will elaborate on how how light interacts with our bodies and minds.

After that, a friendly ‘borrel’ will follow, with drinks and networking activities. Are you looking for new ideas, support for your projects, job opportunities, contacts with interesting people? This is the perfect occasion, don’t miss it!


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