Behind the scenes tours Amsterdam Science Park

Behind the scenes tour: High Tech Systems & Materials

This event is a unique opportunity to peek behind the scenes at internationally renowned research institutes and innovative businesses. During the tour, you will learn more about one of the most trending research topics of the moment at the park: High Tech systems & materials.


1. Science & Business Organisation – Leo le Duc: introduction Amsterdam Science Park

2. AMOLF – Bas Overvelde: presentation Soft Robotica including a tour in their lab

3. ARCNL: introduction of institute including a tour in their labs

4. Drinks & bites


AMOLF: Design matter and meta materials

Creating solid matter that can autonomously adapt to its environment without any external intervention: it might seem like the stuff of sci-fi fantasy. But designing and fabricating these materials is what the Soft Robotics Matter group at the AMOLF research institute is doing. Dr .ir. Bas Overvelde shows how soft robotics provide solutions from greenhouse agriculture to artificial hearts.

ARCNL: the best of two worlds

Discover ARCNL, where scientific excellence meets practical innovation. Join the research teams who delve into the physics of extreme ultraviolet light for machines that produce advanced chips. Unravel atomic-scale processes, explore nanolithography, and find out more about the collaboration with leading experts in the industry. Push the boundaries of science and drive technological advancements. Embrace the future with ARCNL.


We hope to see you at this highly interesting event. The tour is free of charge. The number of places are limited, so be sure to reserve yours by sending an email to

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