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Amsterdam Science Park Business Club Q2 Meet Up 2021 (cancelled)

The guest speaker of this Business Club event is Lucien Burm. He will share how the Dutch entrepreneur ecosystem is currently doing when it comes to investments, diversity and emerging products, markets and employment. Especially for the Amsterdam Science Park Business Club, he provides insight into the method that has been developed within 10X to help multinationals innovate by tapping into the available talent.

Dear member, entrepreneur,

As you know, we have developed a valuable program for you for next Thursday afternoon. To date, we have not received the number of applications we were hoping for. A number of members have also indicated that they would rather meet each other physically again. We understand that it is nicer to meet each other in person and that by via video calling, there is less cross-pollination – especially if we have already had full days. Due to the number of registrations and because we want to respond to this need, we have decided to move this meeting to the end of September. Of course in line with the measures in force around corona. After all, the Business Club is here for you.

If you would like to contribute to the program at the end of September, please let us know.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope to meet again soon.

Lucien Burm

  • Chairman of the Dutch Startup Association (largest independent representative for startups, scaleups and innovation in the Netherlands).
  • Entrepreneur of, among others, 10X

In addition, like every Business Club meeting, we facilitate getting to know the companies at the Amsterdam Science Park better and ensure that, in addition to offering new insights, it becomes an enjoyable meeting.

All members of the business club are welcome together with a colleague or external partner. Not yet a member of the Business Club? Then please drop us a line and we will arrange it for you.


15.30 – 15.45 Presentation Business Club

15.45 – 16.45 Presentation and workshop by Lucien Burm

16.45 – 17.00 Break (possibility to network)

17.00 – 17.10 Introduction to the Business Club platform

17.10 – 17.30 Creative breakout session | improve facilities at Amsterdam Science Park

Participants can sign up by emailing

Please note that this online event is (only) open for entrepreneurs located at the Amsterdam Science Park.

Not yet a member of the Business Club? Then please drop us a line and we will arrange it for you.

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