Science & Innovation dinners

With inspiring guest speakers and carefully curated attendee lists, the Amsterdam Science Park’s Science & Innovation dinners are a perfect opportunity to make connections. Attendees get together in an informal setting, planting the seeds for new ideas, projects and collaborations. Enlightening presentations, round tables, well-thought-out seating plans and – not least – a convivial atmosphere lay the groundwork.

These exclusive events celebrate new scientific developments and tend to focus on one of the Science Park’s specialist areas: AI & data science, sustainability, life sciences & (e)health, and high-tech systems and materials. At the same time, the dinners are designed to maximise interaction across sectors and fields of expertise. R&D specialists get to mingle with top scientists, CEOs, entrepreneurs and other innovative professionals, as the Science Park opens up its powerful knowledge network.

Madelon Bracke, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Clear “Interesting people, good conversations, great food. It was nice to be there ”

Audience: innovative entrepreneurs, professionals responsible for R&D and innovation at companies, CEOs, scientists and researchers, talented startups

What to expect: an inspiring evening with a carefully selected group of innovators from business and science and enlightening presentations

Cost: free of charge, invitation only

In addition to identifying new collaboration opportunities, attendants get to learn about everything the Science Park has to offer, such as access to award-winning researchers as well as cutting-edge laboratory facilities. As the home of multinational science-focussed businesses, renowned research institutes and innovative startups, the Amsterdam Science Park is uniquely positioned to organise events such as this, strengthening the synergy between research, education and entrepreneurship in Amsterdam and beyond.

Faviola Dadis, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer at NeuroReality “It was wonderful to connect with everyone invited. Loved sharing and learning more about our rich ecosystem of innovation in healthcare in Amsterdam and NL as a whole! ”

What our Science & Innovation dinners offer

At the Science & Innovation dinners, you can:

  • Join roundtable discussions with prominent scientists and other business partners from Amsterdam Science Park
  • Learn more about ground-breaking scientific discoveries and their applications thanks to presentations by renowned guest speakers
  • Exchange ideas with direct access to talent, knowledge and opportunities for collaboration
  • Expand your network by getting to know your peers and industry leaders
  • Share your objectives and challenges and then pinpoint common visions

How can we help you?

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