Online Q&A Meet Up with Amsterdam Green Campus

We are pleased to invite you to join our third online Q&A session. It will take place on Thursday, 25 March at 12:30. The session will focus on Amsterdam Green Campus.

Sustainability at Amsterdam Science Park

One of the key focus areas at the Amsterdam Science Park is sustainability. In this wide-ranging concept integration, cooperation and knowledge sharing are required to develop innovations and breakthroughs in the field.

To unlock the fundamental scientific expertise needed, we must enable co-creation with governments and business. The SustainaLab initiative marks a big step towards facilitating the sustainability ecosystem. Working together in a way that inspires everyone involved can contribute significantly to developing new knowledge and insights and creating the synergy that’s needed to make our society more sustainable. The SustainaLab develops facilities that offer spaces for the early testing and showcasing of research and innovations. These include the Pre-pilot Lab, the Demo Lab and the Student Lab.

Amsterdam Green Campus
One of the SustainaLab’s partners is the Amsterdam Green Campus. AGC is a foundation which focusses on sustainability and valorisation. The knowledge partners of AGC are the faculty of science of the UvA, Aeres school of applied sciences, Inholland, Wellantcollege and Clusius College, and therewith AGC links fundamental research with applied science and vocational education on green sustainability in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. The focus areas of AGC are agriculture, food, life sciences and chemistry.

At this third Q&A session, we will talk about further possibilities for collaborations and the necessity of experiments.

Are you an innovative business, a startup or a social or governmental organisation that is actively tackling sustainability issues? And are you interested in collaborations or a new business location? If so, we’d be delighted to welcome you at our Q&A session.