Area development

The first scientific institute to move to the area in 1946 was the Institute for Nuclear Physics Research (the predecessor of the present Nikhef). In 1960, it was joined by AMOLF and UvA purchased part of the site for its Faculty of Biology. 1980 saw the relocation of the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Sciences (CWI) and SURFsara to the Science Park.

Businesses started moving to the site when ASP (now MATRIX Innovation Center) based itself here. In 1996, the City of Amsterdam designated Amsterdam Science Park as a major project. Nowadays, all the research institutes and teaching facilities for the Faculty of Science are based in one faculty building. The only reminders of the history of this site, which was reclaimed in 1629, are the historic ‘Anna Hoeve’ farmhouse, the lanes of old trees and the pollard willows.

Building capacity

The total building capacity of the area amounts to 500,000 m² intended for businesses and institutes, 157,000 m² of which will be used as office and laboratory space.

Currently completed

  • 2007 - 2012 completion of 1,870 homes for students, owner-occupiers and private tenants
  • 2009 (1 February) temporary café-restaurant Polder (will move to Anna Hoeve- farmhouse)
  • 2009 (20 February) realization of first phase of new building work on the Faculty of Science building (55,000 m²)
  • 2009 (8 April) Liander 150 kV-powerstation plant taken into service
  • 2009 (8 April) completion of Science Park ring road, extension of bus route 40 and peak-time bus 240
  • 2009 (May) completion of new building FOM Institute AMOLF (8,740 m²)
  • 2009 (May) completion of renovation and extension work to the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Sciences (new building 4,000 m²) (off. opening 11 Nov. 2010)
  • 2009 (13 December) new train connection and new train station Amsterdam Science Park NS station
  • 2010 (June) Anna Hoeve park square
  • 2010 (5 July) completion of Universum Sports Centre, including Oerknal café (USC, 10,000 m²) (opened 8 October 2010)
  • 2010 (summer) completion of second phase of building work on the Faculty of Science building (45,000 m²) (official opening 24 November 2010)
  • 2011 completion of renovation of the new housing for SURFsara and NLeSciencecenter
  • 2012 completion of Amsterdam University College (AUC)
  • 2013 completion of building work on business accommodation/laboratories for Matrix VI (MATRIX Innovation Center) (5990m2)
  • 2013 completion of 605 student units with conveniance store and take-away food
  • 2013 direct trainlink with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • 2014 renovation and temporary buildings for ARCNL
  • 2016 KEA Tower: 150 free rental appartements
  • 2016 Amsterdam Data Tower Digital Realty
  • 2016 Startup Vllage: community of Science related startups including community space
  • 2017 Extension Equinix Datacentre Tower
  • 2017 Venture Studios of Startup Village with capacity for up to 200 people


  • New building ARCNL & Nano Coating Center (Matrix VII) and 4000 m2 of free rental space
  • Large Conference center and Hotel with +/- 150 rooms
  • Co-creation/Innovationlab building 
  • Several parking buildings