Amsterdam Economic Board

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area holds all the trumps needed to secure its position as one of Europe’s leading, innovative and economically robust regions. The strong clusters based here can cement the region’s role as a national and international pioneer. The mission of the Amsterdam Economic Board - a joint venture of the business sector, knowledge institutions and the government - is to be among the top European cities in 2020.

In February 2010 the OECD said that the Amsterdam region is a hive of knowledge production and business activity, but that the region lacks in terms of knowledge exchange. Pooling knowledge and strengths in the Amsterdam Economic Board enables businesses, knowledge institutions and government authorities to strengthen one another in their activities and investments. The Knowledge & Innovation Agenda, drawn up jointly by these parties, has been used to determine a strategy for economic development and to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation in the seven strong clusters of the Amsterdam region.

Triple Helix: businesses, knowledge world and authorities

The business sector, knowledge institutions and government authorities are joining forces in more and more sectors and regions, with the aim of agreeing joint strategies and dealing with bottlenecks. Brainport (in Eindhoven) was the first region in the Netherlands to do this. The Amsterdam Economic Board was set up in 2010. Nationally, the government is monitoring this approach in the ten top sectors. The triple helix form of collaboration is a key focus within the Amsterdam Economic Board.

Amsterdam Science Park and the Board

The Board has named seven strong clusters in the Amsterdam region and of these, Life Sciences and ICT/eScience are the most strongly represented at Amsterdam Science Park. What sets the park apart is that it is home to the biggest concentration of beta sciences in the Netherlands. This makes it a unique place in the Amsterdam region, where knowledge valorisation - one of the Board's key objectives - can truly flourish. 

More information about the Amsterdam Economic Board:

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