Science and Business database

The Science and Business Database is a searchable database of all research institutions, spin-offs, small businesses, multinationals and start-ups situated at Amsterdam Science Park. 

It enables prospective clients, partners, organisations and businesses to find the organisations that have offices and research facilities at Amsterdam Science Park in one place. The aim is to facilitate the development of interesting research projects and/or business opportunities, by heightening the visibility of your organisation and by attracting other vanguard businesses and research institutes to the area.

Where to register?

Are you located at Amsterdam Science Park but do you not yet get listed in the database? Please contact us at or +31 (20) 8208062. You are also welcome to drop in at our office on the ground floor of Matrix III.

Who is behind the Science and Business Database?

The Science and Business organisation of  Amsterdam Science Park is the central and joint organisation of all partners of Amsterdam Science Park. The three founding partners are the city of Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam and NWO. Amsterdam Science Park is managed by its director, Leo le Duc, and the board of directors: 7 representatives of ASP’s organisations. The main goal of the S&B organisation is to connect entrepreneurship, education and research and to connect Amsterdam Science Park with its external partners.