SURFsara provides an integrated ICT research infrastructure for science and the knowledge economy, and works together with the academic community (including researchers, educational institutions and academic medical centers) and with industry and SMEs.

SURFsara offers a complete package of services in the field of High Performance Computing (HPC), Data Services, Visualization and Cloud Services, and is, amongst others, the home of the national supercomputer Cartesius. The system is used for research areas, such as sustainable energy, climate change, water management, product and process optimization, reduction of noise pollution and improvement of medical treatments.

Since January 2013, SURFsara is part of SURF, the collaborative ICT organisation for higher education and research in the Netherlands. SURFsara is also a partner in national and international projects, such as LOFAR, EGI, WLCG/LHC, EUDAT and PRACE. Within these projects, the most powerful European (super)computers and data storage systems for petabytes of scientific data are being used.

More information about SURFsara:

Science Park 140
1098 XG Amsterdam
+31 20 800 1300
Twitter: @SURFsara_NL