AMOLF is one of the research laboratories of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The National NWO Institutes Nikhef and CWI are also established at Amsterdam Science Park.

AMOLF's research programme

Nanophotonics, focusing on the achievement of spatio-temporal control of light at the smallest possible scale. The nanophotonics research program inspires many possible applications in solid-state lighting, functional materials and devices, and advanced materials fabrication and characterization.

Physics of Biomolecular Systems, carried out within two programs: Molecular Biophysics and Systems Biophysics. This work contributes to a fundamental understanding of the operational principles of living systems, with important applications in health and food, and inspires the design of novel functional materials and devices.

In addition, AMOLF has started a new program on Photovoltaics. The goal of this program is to generate novel breakthrough energy conversion concepts that can be readily applied at a large scale.

More information about AMOLF:

Science Park 104
1098 XG Amsterdam
+31 20 7547 100