Innovation Lab Chemistry Amsterdam

Innovation Lab Chemistry Amsterdam, ILCA, offers innovation support to start-up chemical companies in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. This support includes a comprehensive package of services to enhance the growth of their businesses in an early stage.

The Innovation Lab provides access to advanced instrumentation facilities of the Amsterdam universities and knowledge in both scientific and entrepreneurial areas. Together with Top Chemie Δ, ILCA provides access to the extensive regional and national network of chemical industry. ILCA actively cooperates with ACE Venture Lab, that provides entrepreneurship training and coaching. Matrix Innovation Center and ILCA offer attractive housing at the Amsterdam Science Park for early phase chemical ventures.

ILCA accelerates valorization, stimulates new entrepreneurship and creates an accessible environment for knowledge development and transfer. Thus, it facilitates the creation of an innovation eco-system.

ILCA closely cooperates with Matrix Innovation Center, Top Chemie Δ, Topteam Chemie, the different knowledge institutes of Amsterdam (TTOs UvA and VU), TI-COAST, ACE Venture Lab and the Port of Amsterdam.

More information about ILCA:

Innovation Lab Chemistry Amsterdam
Science Park 408
1098 XH Amsterdam
Website: ILCA
Phone:(0)20 888 4500

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