Situated in one of the world's most network-dense locations and designed to set new standards in data and infrastructure management, AM3 Amsterdam Science Park is a major low latency gateway to the continent, reaching 80% of Europe within 50 milliseconds. The data center is home to the world's top mobile networks and service enablers, social media and video sites, cloud companies, advertising businesses and electronic traders.

Energy efficiency

Environmental legislation is becoming more stringent while energy costs are rising, compelling customers to attach more and more importance to sustainability. AM3 Amsterdam Science Park is one of the most sustainable data centers in the world, allowing you to increase your energy efficiency and reduce your CO2 footprint substantially.

Built to LEED Gold certificate standards, AM3 facility deploys Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) in the ground instead of mechanical cooling and combines this with hybrid-cooling towers. This allows full use of free cooling while generating hot water for neighboring Amsterdam University.This ground-breaking innovation earned AM3 the Datacenter Dynamics Green Data Center EMEA Award in 2012.

More information about Equinix AM3 Science Park:

Equinix AM3
Science Park 610
1098 XH Amsterdam
website: www.equinix.nl
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